10 Signs You Should Invest in a Travel Lifestyle

Are you ready for an adventure? Investing in your happiness is a fundamental step in every journey. Yet, it’s also a little overwhelming when you realize that you want to completely change your lifestyle. Your mind may be questioning what it is you really want. That’s why at etramping.com we’ve formed 10 signs to help you work everything out. Travel gives you a new lease of life. It provides opportunity and daring new experiences to excite and engage your mind. Living a lifestyle like this may not seem easy but it certainly is worth it…

  1. The 9-5 routine isn’t working for you anymore

We’ve all been there! You’re tired of having strict time restraints on your life. In the millennial world, employees are creating their own schedules. Especially freelancers, while they are enjoying a balanced way of life you’re stuck in an office. You don’t need to make excuses for yourself. At any stage of your life you have the freedom to get up and change your outlook. Your hardworking ethos will travel alongside you and you can start investing in your future happiness.

  1. You’re tired of seeing the same scenes everyday

Let’s face it; a life of repetition gets very boring over time. We get too comfortable in the ordinary and begin to crave the extraordinary. Those who have changed their life and opted for a travel style witness vast varieties of scenery. Their trip to work could be a walk to the beach or a quick cycle to the nearest cafe. The power of internet gives us the chance to work remotely, so we might as well give it go!

  1. Most of the time you’re daydreaming about travel

Huffington Post states that daydreaming is actually REALLY good for you and your mental health! A new study suggests that daydreaming is important. It helps you to be more creative and enhances social skills. So, if you find yourself at your desk constantly daydreaming about your next escape, maybe your brain is providing a few hints. It’s not ideal to be present at work but imagining another routine for yourself. If you allow life to drag you along, you may end up extremely disconnected from your work and those around you…

  1. You’d rather purchase a plane ticket

Or a cruise ticket! Remember, there are plenty of options out there such as Arctic cruises and boat trips to Barbados. If the idea of a plane ticket excites you and you feel the need to always fly away, what does that tell you about your current situation? Of course, some of us will take a random escape every year to conquer the travel bug. However, if you’d rather invest in travel then material objects, a travel lifestyle may suit you better. We live in an age where travelling is slowly becoming the norm, so don’t feel alone and begin researching for your next big adventure!

  1. Materialism just isn’t your thing

In a study published by Interesting Engineering, scientists found the link between materialism and happiness. They believe that purchasing the newest versions of a product, like a phone, keeps the owner content. There’s such a strong link between the two that they believe cracked phones are no accident. Instead, if a user drops or damages their phone, it gives them an excuse to purchase a new one! Sounds crazy right? This is just one way that materialistic needs are thriving in modern day society. Perhaps you’d rather purchase travel experiences over new products? Materialism isn’t everybody’s cup of tea…

  1. You’re experiencing travel envy

You’ve seen a few friends on social media having the time of their lives and sharing their insider tips with others. You’ve read a few travel journals and smiled at their stories. Something inside is telling you to join in the fun. Travel envy happens to most of us in life. We want to experience a happy and fulfilled life too! This is a huge sign and it’s telling you to pack your bags. Start living the way you want to live…

  1. Time is ticking away

We aren’t getting any younger. No matter how many beauty serums we use or anti-ageing products we smother onto our faces, we are getting older. Time does not wait for anyone, that’s why you must take it seriously. There’s honestly no better time to change your life then in this very moment. Change can take place overnight; it just depends on how badly you want to alter your circumstances.

  1. The bucket list is getting longer

You have a huge list of places you want to go and people you want to see. If you don’t use this list to your advantage then it will just sit there for years. Eventually, you’ll pick it up and see how much you’ve missed out on. All the places you never visited -all the faces you never met. It will be too late and you will be tied down. If you are reading this and have a list that needs a few ticks on it, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead, you still have the time!

  1. People want to see you happy

According to Buzzfeed, travel makes you happy and does amazing things for your brain! For example, it makes you more trusting as you’re wander-lusting your way around. Plus, it makes you more open to new things. You’re WAY out of your comfort zone and you’re starting to see the world in a new light. Travel is great for the soul! Those who love you will love to see you happy. Therefore, if travel is the secret ingredient then you should go for it. There’s nothing left to lose!

  1. You keep returning to the same booking screen

Last but not least, you’re checking up on the latest travel deals. Perhaps you’re even hooked on a certain booking screen and ready to buy those tickets. Don’t hesitate. Hesitation can cause you so much regret and emptiness in the long run. If you know deep down that you’re desperate to go on a trip that could change your life then follow through with the booking. A lifestyle full of travel is a lifestyle worth living…

Do you dream about having a Travel Lifestyle?

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  1. I absolutely love the idea of travelling retirement. The key is to be healthy, so remember, right diet, exercise, love…

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