Interview: Why Do You Travel by Train?

We’ve learned very quickly that train travel is a very social experience — trains have club cars, dining cars and dome lounges, all very conducive to socializing! In our coach seats, we met everyone around us, shared tourist info, train riding tips and tales, even books and snacks.

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7 thoughts on “Interview: Why Do You Travel by Train?”

  1. I’ve driven to Philly and Pittsburgh for many, many years. Once I realized how much more relaxing the train was, I swear I’ll never drive those again!

  2. He looks a bit like Hermann Hesse, the great German writer! Very sympathetic, we agree what he says about travelling with the train!

  3. That was really interesting. I’ve often wondered about traveling across N America by train, and you’ve got my mind spinning again!

  4. That sounds like so much fun. I did that 10 years ago, B4 the empty net. Minneapolis MN to Austin TX. Some of the nicest people to ride with.

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