Instilling a Passion for Nature in Your Kids

Nature. It’s all around us. Even in busy cities, we can still observe hopping sparrows, soaring clouds, and chattering thunderstorms. While it may seem like, in the age of technology, getting kids interested in nature is a daunting task, nothing could be further from the truth. No matter what generation we belong to, an appreciation of nature is in our DNA. Anne Frank said, “The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.” Nature has the power to sooth. It’s no wonder we listen to rain or jungle sound effects when we want to relax. A passion for nature is in your kids, just waiting to be unlocked.

It’s clear that nature is important. It’s also increasingly clear that we’re important to nature–we have a planet to protect. How, then, do we instill a love of nature in our kids? We might complain about how their noses are buried in their phones, but there are plenty of ways we can get our kids to look up and fall in love with the world around them.

Go for Family Hikes

Kids tend to love the things they do with their family. If you want to instill a love of nature in your kids, one of the easiest ways is to just experience nature as a family. When they grow up, they’ll associate hikes along the beach, across meadows, and through the woods with family togetherness. They’ll come to love nature, because they’ll love the outdoor experiences they have with you.

Go to the Zoo

One of the best ways to create a love of nature in your kids, especially younger ones, is to take them to the zoo. Toddlers won’t be able to stop talking about the different animals they saw, and older kids will still get a thrill out of seeing the animals. Some zoos, like the Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax, PA, even have baby animals that tour around the zoo grounds, and your kids can pet and get up close to their animal-world peer. That kind of excitement and up-close experience is sure to give your kids a passion for all things wild and help foster a love of the planet.

Go Camping

The best thing about camping is that nature is all there is to do. Since there’s no electricity, and probably no cellphone reception, the entire week or weekend that your family camps has to be about nature. Kids can visit the campground’s nature center (sometimes also called the visitors’ center), where you can usually find scavenger hunts and other fun activities for kids to do outside. Swimming, hiking, biking, campfires, and other outdoor activities are part of what make camping so great for kids, and every day kids spend camping is a day spent closer to a love of nature.


Camping may not be for everyone. There are plenty of people who love nature but just aren’t on board with sleeping on the cold ground and not having running water. For these folks, “glamping” is an option. Glamping happens by staying RVs and campers or even furnished cabins that you can rent out. There are resorts and getaways that focus on these kinds of forays. These are also good options if you are an urban family that has to travel quite a ways to be in “real” nature. Be sure to consult a source like Welk resorts review to get a good feel  for places you can stay where you and your family will be comfortable but still within easy access of all the natural wonders you could want.

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