Injured on Vacation? Here’s What to Do

Vacation is a time for utmost relaxation and entertainment as you escape from life’s daily stress and anxieties. And if you’re vacationing in Orlando, there’s so much to make your stay fantastic.

Although you’re leaving everything behind, one thing that may follow you is the risk of an accident. Anything can happen while going on a cruise boat, riding a rental car, or flying through a merry-go-round. Of course, some of these fun activities even put you at risk.

Unfortunately, you may sustain serious injuries. Such occurrences not only cut your vacation short but can also put you in pain and possible expenses. But then, if you ever get involved in an accident while on vacation, what should you do?

Protecting your rights after an accident

Getting injured on vacation can be distressing. It could be you alone, or perhaps your loved one is with you. Knowing what to do next can give you some peace of mind.

Wherever you are, whether in or out of state on vacation, know that you have rights when it comes to personal injury. Sometimes, the accident may not be your fault but because the people in charge of the tourist attraction haven’t done proper maintenance.

That aside, it may be a car accident where you’re a passenger, pedestrian, or riding a rental car while touring the city. Any of these cases can cause your insurance to spring into effect. Should you ever get involved in such accidents while on vacation, it’s best to work with a personal injury attorney to protect your rights and seek compensation for your injuries.

Whatever the case, there is a due process to follow to ensure your rights are protected when injured on vacation.

Report the incident

If you’re injured in a park, fair, museum, or shop, let the managers know of the occurrence. Show them the injury and what has transpired. If you do notify anyone, any case you file later may crumble even though they are at fault. If it’s a car accident, you must call 911 or the local law enforcement immediately, no matter how minor the accident may seem. Not reporting the injury is equivalent to a hit-and-run, and you may be indicted with a criminal offense. Reporting is a crucial first step you must take after an accident.

Take Documentation

If you’re able to take photos, do so immediately. Take pictures and videos of your injury, the property damage, and the cars involved if it’s an auto accident. It’s essential to take photographs ASAP because cleanup will quickly be done, which may erase any evidence that may help your injury claim.

Take contact information

If it’s a park, tourist attraction, or shop, it’s important to get the contact and names of the managers or employees. For road accidents, get the contact and insurance information of the driver. This information will be critical should you need to file a personal injury claim for your injuries.

Get medical examination

Medical care may be offered by the paramedics at the accident scene. Do not refuse care. But after that, see a doctor near you for a proper examination. This is because you may have injuries you don’t immediately notice, such as internal bleeding, especially in car accidents. Such injuries may worsen over some days, crippling your health.

Report to your insurance company

Although travel insurance isn’t always compulsory, it is advisable because of this kind of situation. An accident while on vacation will prompt you to seek medical care, which will cost money. Your travel insurance may foot this bill if you have one. If you’ve sustained injuries in a car, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) may provide coverage. Call the company.

Speak with an injury attorney

Working with a personal injury attorney may mean the difference between having minimal compensation and the full amount you deserve. Your insurance might not be willing to offer you the most settlement for your injuries and medical expenses since they’re a business and are in for themselves. Your attorney will be able to use legal strategies and prove the gravity of your situation to ensure you get compensation for all you’ve lost.

Final words

Many people make the mistake of thinking they can’t obtain compensation for personal injury when on vacation. But you can. You have rights wherever you are, especially when the accident was due to someone else’s negligence. In that case, hiring an injury attorney becomes crucial.

If you’re yet to embark on your vacation, all the better! Now is the best time to get your insurance and take adequate steps to reduce your accident risks while enjoying your holiday.

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