How to Travel Between Scandinavian Countries

Scandinavia is a geographical and historical region covering a large part of Northern Europe. Extending from above the Arctic Circle to the North and Baltic Seas, Scandinavia includes the following countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland

The region is known for Viking adventures, breath-taking natural beauty, modern cities packed with history, well defined Scandinavian culture and style. Scandinavian capitals are popular with tourists all year round with nearly every Scandinavian city offering something unique and attractive.

Best places to visit in Scandinavia

Although Scandinavian countries are often seen as one similar region, they are all uniquely special.

The common thing about all of them are happy, cultured people, knowing foreign languages and sincerely welcoming you to their country, ready to introduce their fascinating cultures. However, the main reason you should be visiting Scandinavia is the breathtaking dramatic landscapes and natural wonders you will hardly find elsewhere in the world.

So if you’re thinking of heading to the region, what should be the places to visit in Scandinavia on the top of your list?

The Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock. It is one of nature’s unique rock formations and is the most famous viewpoint in Norway included in probably all Scandinavia travel packages.

The Atlantic Road, Norway should be at the top of your list of amazing highways if you look for exciting drives. The curved Atlantic Road takes you through an archipelago of islands on the western coast of Norway.

Ice Hotel in the town of Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden is a unique and very special experience.

Lofoten Islands, Norway offer landscapes which look as if they could only have been created by the most imaginative of game designers.

Geirangerfjord, Norway is the most spectacular Norwegian fjord featured in every Scandinavia travel guide. With cliffs on both sides and several awe-inspiring waterfalls, Geirangerfjord is very beautiful and offers some of the most exciting hiking trails in the world.

Where to go in Scandinavia to get the most of the region?

If you have a limited time for traveling it is an important question. Planning a trip on your own is an exciting experience but time-consuming and requires a lot of knowledge. A better option is to rely on Scandinavia travel packages designed by professionals offering the best places to visit in Scandinavia.

How to choose a tour to Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a popular destination, and there are numerous tours to choose from. Any guided group Scandinavian countries tour is a perfect way to explore several countries at once in an affordable yet comfortable way. Even relatively cheap Scandinavian tours offer to explore the region in style. If you choose a guided tour according to your wishes and interests, you can travel with a bit of luxury and relaxation. Although it is not a bad idea to travel on your own visiting the main points of interest you want to see; the Northern Lights hunt trip has to be trusted to the experienced professionals. You can find a huge supply of Scandinavia Northern Lights tours offering this experience but be wise and choose the tour provider who has a reliable reputation to be sure you will be taken to the best destinations for witnessing this fantastic natural phenomenon.

How to Save Money on Travel

Often the primary obstacle that stops us from a trip to Scandinavia is the cost.

Scandinavia can be expensive if you are not careful about how you spend your money. A trip to these countries can be pricier than to other areas of Europe, but if you know a few things how to save money not compromising on your comfort and experiences, you can have a perfect Scandinavian vacation without draining your family’s savings.

First of all, you should know when the cheapest time to go to Scandinavia is.

If you want to save on your trip to Scandinavia whether traveling on your own or purchasing a tour package, “shoulder-season” is your option. Late May, early June, and September can be pleasantly warm, especially in the south, but less touristy and therefore,  hotels may be lower priced,  airlines will have better deals, train and bus tickets between cities have lower rates and the sightseeing tickets are often discounted.

Book ahead and be flexible with flights. The smartest time to book your trip is a few months in advance. If your dates can be flexible, that will make a huge difference in booking a tour package, renting a car, booking hotels and your flights.

Want to explore Scandinavia and get the best bang for your buck? An off season group tour is the best the way to go.

Get ready. Scandinavia is waiting for you!

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