How to Study for a Nursing Degree While Traveling

For registered nurses who already work in the nursing profession, there’s the opportunity to travel and work when you wish. A travel nurse or someone who volunteers his or her time while abroad is building up an impressive resume of relevant work experience.

Let’s look at how you can advance a nursing career while enjoying periodic travel too.

Travel Nurse

The role of a travel nurse is to transplant your relevant, qualified nursing experience and bring it to foreign shores that are crying out for medical staff to pitch in. Quite often, the travel nurse gets to experience different kinds of medical cases and work with a wider variety of personnel. Depending on the location and type of health issues that are presented, a PACU travelling nurse can have an unforgettable experience. Usually, there’s also plenty of free time available to sightsee or pursue educational advancement.

Exploring local PRN travel nurse jobs provides opportunities for nurses to work on an as-needed basis in nearby healthcare facilities. These positions offer flexibility, allowing nurses to contribute their skills in temporary roles while remaining in their local area, providing a balance between work and personal life.

Studying Nursing While Abroad

Along with new work experiences, it’s also possible to take on one of the online doctoral nursing programs to advance from MSN to DNP online. It’s fair to say that the best DNP programs are the ones with the most flexible study schedule and detailed class materials, all easily accessible online. Once you’ve received your Master’s (or Doctorate) degree from a nurse practitioner program, you will need to pass an exam and become licensed.

A good internet connection is usually required to view video clips, but studying materials in PDFs and other document types uses little bandwidth to download. Bradley University offers an excellent online program that matches these requirements perfectly.

Finding the Time to Study with All the Distractions

When you’re staying abroad, there’s the temptation to go sightseeing as much as possible. Perhaps every waking hour when away from the local hospital is spent taking in the sights or unwinding. It’s sometimes difficult to get back into study mode when away from your home country, but it can be done successfully with a little effort.

What you need to do is break down your day into segments. Look at what personal tasks can be grouped together to run your errands in a batch and take care of other chores in a more efficient manner. Similarly, you must decide what your priorities are.

Deciding What’s Most Important for Your Career

Is achieving a doctorate degree that will provide the opportunity to significantly advance your career be worth the sacrifice of some sightseeing and nightlife experiences? If the answer is a resounding “yes,” then you need to organize your time around your nursing work placement and new studies, with other things being fit in around these most important activities. With this type of approach, it’s possible to alter how your week progresses to ensure that you incorporate the right amount of study time to get the best results.

It’s probably a good idea to talk to the work placement managers to see whether the hours can be reduced while completing the studies too. Many foreign employers in need of good nurses are happy to adjust the hours down if they can retain experienced staff for longer. Studying while being abroad is now very possible thanks to the conversion of nursing degrees to online programs.

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