How to Simplify Your BWI Flight

Have you noticed how time flies when you are in a hurry and seems to slug when you are not? This is probably one of the reasons why checking in for a flight 2 hours before take-off is considered safe. Well, this is better than missing a flight or having to deal with a layover. Flying is definitely easy and convenient but that is only after you have made it to the airport in time, parked your vehicle, registered your luggage, checked in and actually boarded. Getting to the airport early is not in vain; you get to window shop and if you have some money to spare, pick up souvenirs or gifts for those who are waiting for you. That does not cover the entire 2 hours on your hands; there is lounging at the airport bars, watching movies online using free Wi-Fi at the airport and for some people making friends.

In reality, the more time you are at the airport before your flight, the more expensive it can become. Not always! just adopt a mathematical mindset, a smart phone loaded with handy apps and lots of deliberate planning. Did you know that the question of how early one should arrive at the airport has been a subject for scientific research? If you are concerned that you will be bored with the excess time you have before your flight, science says not to. Let us take a peek into BWI;

Be aware of security wait durations of BWI

If you are taking an international flight, you need to be at the airport earlier than those who are booking for local flights. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends 3 hours and 2 hours respectively. The number of people using BWI airport keeps increasing with time and this has significantly slowed down the security checks. The airport has undergone various phases of expansion in the past to accommodate passenger traffic. It is safe to say that 15 minutes is the maximum amount of waiting time but things happen.

Are you worried about spending too much time at BWI security? Recent security updates by the TSA are provided regularly and have proven to be a great resource. Those who wish to take advantage of this platform just need to type ‘BWI’ to search for Baltimore-Washington International. The results returned comprise of logs of reports provided by other travelers for objective travel insight.

At the same time, the state-of-the-art BWI security systems have drastically improved – It is not an exaggeration to say that BWI airport security is among the best. From modern metal detectors, advanced imaging, and a highly trained security workforce, the process is not only fast but accurate.

Be aware of BWI departure mechanisms

Every airline is unique in the way that they keep their passengers updated on suitable arrival times. For southwest airlines, travellers have the ability to get information about upcoming flight details, check in and more from a mobile app. Travellers can also sign up for a flight status messaging service that is used only once – this is for those who would rather not or have no capability to download the app.

Consider Off-Site Parking offered around BWI

Now that you are aware of security waiting at BWI check in, it is important to make sure that you arrive within stipulated times. What if you are running late and find yourself having to circle the BWI airport parking lot looking for space? There is no risk of that happening if you take time to make a Baltimore Washington Airport parking reservation through Parkos before you leave for the airport.

Parkos is a one-stop online platform for those who prefer driving to the airport in their own cars. Regardless of your time management skill, this platform makes it easy to plan your time, and avoid being late. In essence, it caters for all parking lot needs from long term to short term and even indoor/outdoor parking options. All the Parkos parking lots are safe and secure so travellers are guaranteed to find their vehicles in the same state in which they left them. Why should you use Parkos? There is no greater convenience in travel than being able to control the time you leave and arrive – that is the liberty that comes with using personal means. Parkos simply facilitates this convenience by making sure that the car that you came with is not going to be a bother once you arrive at your destination. Did you know that you can call support to send you a driver for valet parking when you suspect that you will be late if you start looking for BWI parking garage space?

Assess the weather a few days to your travel

Keeping tabs on prevailing weather conditions is important for travel weather the distance to be covered is long or short. This is not just for the dress code but to prepare mentally on the effects of bad weather.  Travelers who use BWI airport benefit from airport-provided weather alerts. Anyone can get them by visiting their website.

Consider transportation options within the airport

Depending on the travel time and distance between your location and where you want to go, you might need to take more than one flight. Does the airline offer transport connections or do you have to do everything by yourself? What if you need to stay at a hotel for some time before your next flight? BWI has a flyer service but you need to look into it in advance. Know which areas its services and arrange how to get there and onto your next stop. This is the only way to ensure that precious time at the airport is not wasted. Do you know of a forum where BWI travellers post? This would be the best source for recommendations and comments on the various shuttle services offered at the airport.

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