How To Select The Best Dinner Cruise In Dubai Marina?

Are you planning to propose your girl in a special way? Getting down onto the knees, hiding a ring in her drink, and all are now old stuff and may not create that much of a scenario. Are you looking for something that you both can remember for lifetime? So, if you are in Dubai, one of the best options to do it is through the dinner cruise.

What Is This All About?

Are you getting anxious about knowing more about the dinner cruise? Well, if you are in Dubai, you must know about the new residential district Dubai Marina that has come up. The man made canal that segregates the two land forms is the water body on which the cruises float.

It has all come from the traditional concept of the dhows in Gulf. In ancient times, the dhows were used by the Gulf people for trade. These dhows were huge and were made up of timber and coconut ropes. The man made vessels were huge in size and used to take days to get completed.

Later on soon, there are improvement in the style in which these dhows were made and materials such as metal items also started being introduced in the making. Also, the huge sizes of the dhows were minimized and now there are such dhows of not only different sizes but also different types.

Along with the trade, soon these dhows were being used in the transportation purpose also. So, after a few number of years, it took to here where these dhows are now used as dinner cruise too. You will find dhow cruises of various types and various sizes at Dubai Marina and you can actually enjoy some great moment out there.

Though an experience to spend on the dinner cruise in Dubai Marina is already a great thing but you need to be sure that you are selecting the right option to have a great time. You just need to know the right factors that you need to check out in the dinner cruise so that you do not have to regret about your selection. It is quite an easy process today to search to get the bookings done in the dinner cruises online. But before you confirm your bookings, you should also check out the factors so that you can get into the right cruise with your family, friends or that special one.

The Cruises

There are so many different cruises that are being used for the dinner cruise purpose. The concept is also known as the floating restaurant and hence you can enjoy dinner on the vessel under the sky viewing the city lights. The experience will be a great one or a mediocre one highly depends on the type of cruise that you will be boarding. Hence, you should have a look at the fleet of cruises that the company has. You can check the cruises online on their website and then decide whether you wish to go for it or not.

Dinner Menu

The main thing that you will be doing on the dinner cruise is the food.  It is all about the dinner and so there is nothing wrong in expecting a great dinner to be laid out there. Normally, the dinner cruises offer buffet dinner and caters to a wide range of options. If you are looking for a great option, you can go for Alexandra Dhow Cruise and enjoy a dinner through which you can explore various cuisines.

The dinner offered by the cruise is a combination of many international cuisine items. The menu starts with various starters and is continued through main course of various cuisines such as India, Gulf, Italian, American, and so on. The dessert table is a delightful place to go for as it contains the best of pastries, cakes, and fruit salads. If you are on a proper cruise, you will see that they have taken special care for their guests and hence small details are taken care of such as maintaining an equal proportion of both vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian dishes in the menu of the dinner.

The Entertainment

Though having dinner on the vessel with your special one is altogether a special feeling but having an entertainment factor makes it even special. Maximum of the dhow cruises are offering entertainment options with the dinner. You just need to check out the various options that the dinner cruise is offering for the entertainment. If you will come across the best options, you will have entertainment options such as live vocalists or live dance show on board. These artists are mainly known to perform the local art forms and if you are a tourist, it is going to be a lifetime experience for you to view such a show.

The Reviews

Today whenever you buy something, somewhere or the other you wish to check out the reviews about the thing. So, there is no harm is checking out the reviews here. If you are searching about a particular dinner cruise, you should search reviews about it at the best places such as Google Reviews where you can get honest reviews from the real customers.

You can check out the star ratings for the dhow cruises and should also try to read through some of the reviews that have been posted by the real customers who have already enjoyed the experience of the cruise. Going through the reviews, you will be able to understand exactly whether you will have a great time or not. It not only offers you a brief picture of the cruise but also offers you a confidence in choosing the right one for you. It also makes easy for you to select the right one amidst so many options available down there.

Other Details

After you have got a trust on the show cruise that you are selecting, there are also other things that you need to check out so that you can be finally sure about your bookings. You need to check out the official site to know the charges per person and the timings of the cruise. You can get the bookings done online itself if you are okay with the charges and the timing. There are also options for people to get a private cruise or a yacht. You need to check this also whether the cruise service provider is offering you with a private yacht service or not.

Checking through these small details is very much important so that you do not have the difficulty in getting the bookings and also you do not regret later on.

The Customer Service

Though the website will provide you with all the facilities of getting the booking done online, but still somewhere or the other a question remains when there is no manual response included. You should check out such a site that has a great customer service. There are various options such as the Alexandra Dhow Cruise that has names of the executives mentioned on the website with their contact details. In case, if you have any kind of confusion of trouble, you can contact them quite easily and can clear all your doubts and can get the bookings confirmed for your pleasure trip.

Having a special time spent is something that everyone craves for. The dinner cruise in Dubai Marina offers you the perfect option for you to have some special moment reserved for you. Away from the city rush, it offers you a moment of delight and privacy to yourself with an international dinner served with a bit of entertainment. The four hours journey is going to make a special mark on your life so that you can cherish the memories throughout your lifetime about how you had enjoyed with your special people around.

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