Beyond the Classroom: Alternative Careers for Teachers

Anyone who has been in the teaching profession for long will tell you that the enthusiasm you feel at the beginning soon fizzles out. Teaching is not the rosy profession many people take it for and it is no wonder most teachers now look for alternative opportunities. The long working hours, lack of autonomy, frustration from policymakers, poor pay are just a few of the reasons that can push you to the wall. Luckily, here are unlimited opportunities for teachers owing to their outstanding qualifications. You can become the expert who writes a thesis for master’s students, become a tutor, corporate trainer, human resource professional, content writer, school administrator, life coach among other careers.

This article explores these and other alternative careers you should consider as a teacher. Read on.

The Advantages of Teaching Skills in Other Careers

Teaching is an opportunity to change minds and mold the character of the future generation. In addition to your training, there are other invaluable skills you attain in the profession including communication skills, persistence, patience, creativity, empathy, curiosity to learn and an open-minded view. These skills come in handy when looking for alternative careers.

Top Alternative Careers for Teachers

1. Professional Writing

In the digital world of today, there’s a high demand for writers in many areas. The demand of high quality content is high and as a teacher, you have unique knowledge in your subject areas which you can use to join this profession. Some of the popular writing fields include content writing, technical writing, and copy writing, research paper writing among others.

Website owners require the best content for their target readers while college students pay top dollar for the best quality academic papers. Blogs require writers and with your excellent writing skills and expertise, you can create a name for yourself in the freelance writing world.

2. Counseling

Teachers undergo the best training in college to handle the toughest situations in life. If you want to move away from teaching but still work with kids, you should consider pursuing a school counselor career, and this career guide for school counseling can show you how to go about doing that. However, if you want to move away from working with kids altogether, but still enjoy helping people, a counseling career is a great option as you can get satisfaction from motivating people to make the right choices in life and overcome difficulties.

3. Corporate Training

You can use your transferable teaching and leadership skills in the corporate world and still make a difference in other people’s lives.  With your training and experience, you can help employees develop crucial skills required in their jobs. These include business writing, sales skills, negotiation skills, communication skills and digital marketing among others. Many companies also hire teachers to help develop corporate training and development programs.

4. School Administration

If you want to move out the classroom but stay close to the school environment, you can choose to go into administration. As a teacher, you have critical skills required in administration including leadership, communication skills, and interpersonal skills among others. If you take further training in administration, you will have a head start when looking for school administration jobs. It is an opportunity to make a difference without the hassle of classroom teaching.

5. Human Resource Management

Most of the skills required for teaching come in handy in human resource management. Some of the best HR practitioners are teachers and they leverage their training in psychology to understand employees and provide the best working environment.

As a HR professional, you have to inspire your staff to perform better and this is something you already know to do well as a teacher. With your interpersonal skills, you will find it easy to work with your staff to boost productivity and improve working relations.

6. Publishing

With the experience gained in teaching combined with your training in a specific subject, it is possible to join the publishing world and enjoy success. You can write and publish textbooks in your subject area and other classroom resource texts. There’s a high demand for quality teaching and learning materials and you can team up with other teachers to deliver the best content.

7. Social Work

Most teachers face frustration in the classroom because they can’t make the change they desire. This is one problem with teaching as any decision you make has to get approval from the higher office. However, you can make real change working out of the classroom as a social worker or youth worker.

This is an opportunity to make real change in society. It is an opportunity to put your skills to work and inspire good behavior.  Working with the youth is a fulfilling experience and it allows you to utilize skills you learnt in college, and those attained on the job.

A career in social work can be a tremendously rewarding option for somebody who truly wants to make a difference in the lives of those in need. With a range of focus areas and a variety of environments in which to operate, whether it’s a child who is ready for preschool, a young person in need of the support of a mentor, a teen without a safe place to call home, you can follow a career path that suits your interests and preferred way of working. Social work courses prepare you for such a journey. These give you a chance to learn how to offer assistance to those dealing with a range of factors impacting their lives, such as income, illness, homelessness, abuse and more.

8. Career Guidance/ Counseling

Career guidance and counseling is another great alternative career choice of teachers. With your exposure and experience, you are in a good position to advise the young one on career opportunities.

9. Financial Advisor

Math and business teachers can look beyond the classroom to become financial advisors. Most people want to have an expert by their side when making big financial decisions and with your background in business teaching, you can interpret numbers and help your clients make the best decisions.

10. Research Work

Teachers have a lot of experience in research and their training also covers a broad range of research work. You can utilize these skills to carve a niche for yourself as a researcher for businesses, the government and non-governmental organizations. There is high demand for researchers as data becomes the most important asset in the modern world.

Of course, there are other alternative opportunities for teachers out of the classroom. If you want to continue your professional growth in a new career, consider available opportunities as a writer on

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