How to Save Money on Travel Once You Turn 50

Big thanks to AARP Members Advantage for providing us the opportunity to check out all the ways we can save on travel at the AARP Life@50+ Expo. As always, all opinions are our own.

David sees his olympic dreams come true at the Holmenkollen Nordic ski jump in Oslo, Norway!

Not gonna lie, turning 50 was not our favorite thing in the world. Not even close.

The thought of opening another birthday greeting only to find one of those yuk, yuk, yuk, incredibly hilarious look-you’re-so-old, you-turned-50 cards inside started to make us feel stabby.

A few years later, we feel safe being around knives again, but we have not fully embraced the idea.

We should have celebrated getting our AARP cards in the mail, but that consolation prize didn’t soften the blow much.

Travel savings with AARP card

Sure it’s an American rite of passage — and we knew it was coming — but whipping out that card and asking for our “senior discount” seemed kind of cringe worthy.

We Boomers tend to shy away from calling attention to our proficiency in surviving numerous trips around the sun by using words like senior, old, geriatric, enfeebled, decripit or elderly. We even shun clever monikers like superannuated or PC terms like mature, skilled and along in years.

Personally, we’re quite vain about our labels (but at least we own our denial!).

Veronica surfs the internet on a train!

Luckily, with the magic of the Internet we can instead cyber-whip out the old AARP card, save some serious travelin’ green, and never have to hand our card to some snarky young whippersnapper.

Prepare to be amazed by all the ways we found to save on travel at the AARP Life@50+ Expo in Miami!

Get Outta Town!

Save with AARP Travel Center

We always start our trip planning at the AARP Travel Center where we always save a bundle on airfare. Further bundles are saved by bundling flight, hotel and car rental.

There is a best price guarantee, but we usually dig for better airfares anyway – and have never found a lower fare elsewhere.

We’ve found the interface extremely easy to use, but have also taken advantage of the no-service-fees 800 number with a cheery expert on the other end of the line.

Save with your AARP card at Liberty Travel

If you prefer the ease of a full-service travel agency (yes, they do still exist!) then Liberty Travel is at your service.

Liberty offers great discounts and perks to AARP members by phone, online, and at their offices all over the United States.

Road trip!

Veronica bikes the Grand Canyon!

Want to take off on a Great American Roadtrip?

Many well-vetted rental car companies offer discounts to those of us of a certain age.

Seriously, we’ve had a lot of practice driving — and we’re not nearly as prone to road racing (or raging) as we used to be — so it makes tons of sense to give us a break in price, right? Click here for offers from Budget, Avis, Payless – and our new fave, Zipcar.

David the Train Nut in Germany!

David the Train Nut is drooooooling!

Are you a train nut too?

Vacations By Rail has put together some amazing train trips in our great big world’s most stunning locations – and we rail aficionados benefit greatly by whipping out our discount cards.

Let’s cruise!

Want to see the world by water?

There are so many ways to cruise – and whether you like the big bohemoths with all the bell and whistles aboard, luxury ships with all the pampery touches, adventure cruises or rolling down a lazy river – there’s savings waiting for you, just because you’ve had a bunch of birthdays.

Click here for all of your cruise discount choices!

GypsyNester Tip: Cruises make great multi-generational trips!

Finding a place to crash

While discovering discounts at the AARP Expo in Miami, we stayed at The Palms – it was fabulous! Should you want to stay at The Palms as well, use the code DISCAARP for a 7% discount when you book online.

Save at the Palms in Miami with your AARP membership advantage card!

Find discounts on accomodations from Motel 6 to the Waldorf Astoria to a lodge at a National Park!

GypsyNester Tip: Travel in the off-season for even deeper discounts on hotels.

Strapping on the ole feed bag

In Miami, we ate seafood until we couldn’t anymore at the Oceanaire Seafood Room. They offer a 10% discount if you whip out your card – so don’t be too vain to ask!

Save 10% at the Oceanaire Seafood Room with your AARP discount card

The possibilities are endless – from fine dining to the most casual of casual eating experiences (free donuts!)- you’re covered with AARP Membership Discounts.

It may be the best thing about turning 50.

David & Veronica,

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Big thanks to AARP Members Advantage for providing us the opportunity to check out all the ways we can save on travel at the AARP Life@50+ Expo. As always, all opinions are our own.

YOUR TURN: Did you learn anything new? Have you any tips for us? Where’s the first place you’ll cyber-whip your card?

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27 thoughts on “How to Save Money on Travel Once You Turn 50”

  1. Such a great blog and well written articles! Would love to work with you in the future if it’s possible.

  2. As always, great tips and reminders, guys. I still remember my first AARP discount – 20% off at my local pizza joint! Saving simoleons is bliss! I also remember the first discount I missed – 20% at a fancy chain restaurant – read about it the day after on the AARP website – I could have kicked myself! Now i just keep my eye out and try to plan ahead. AARP makes hitting 50 a little bit sweeter.

  3. To see those trains pass by within a second or two, was a shock! With the train traveling as fast as it was could you feel yourself on the verge of motion sickness? #GFEpart2

  4. We can always use a reminder about the AARP travel discounts–I didn’t know their airline reservations were such as good deal–and about senior discounts in general. I’m sure many people forget to ask.

  5. Terrific round up of the AARP benefits. I continue to be amazed by all the discounts. I’m afraid my friends and family are now always expecting a discount everywhere we go!

  6. Nice roundup of all the benefits. Travel discounts are one of the hallmarks of AARP membership, and other organizations have emulated their example. Since I’m the oldest, Pete always says, “One of us gets the senior discount.” LOL

  7. Unfortunately, since I don’t live in the US, I don’t get one of those cards. But your list of expressions used to indicate age reminded me of my favorite expression to hate. For example, “She’s 70 years young.” I just want to slap anyone I hear using that phrase about anyone!

  8. I remember laughing at my husband when his AARP membership arrived in the mail and not being too happy, a few years later, when my own arrived. Looks like I really need to start my own research and check out the deals, especially when we visit the US. Thanks for the great tips!

  9. I’m not ashamed at all about whipping out my AARP card for a discount. I earned that card by managing to live until age 50 (actually, I think I only had to live til age 49 because my AARP card was bestowed upon me when Mr. Excitement attained 50. However, I was not amused when some 7 years later, someone at the ticket desk in a museum in Key West ASKED US unprompted if we were eligible for the senior discount. Then we were downright snappish when we asked how old you had to be for the senior discount and she said 65!

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