How to Put Your Health First When Traveling to an Exotic Country

Going on vacation is always exciting, especially if you are travelling to an exotic country that you have never visited before. Before you start your adventure, make sure you keep these things in mind to avoid any potential disasters that might ruin the holiday.


The first step to keeping safe when travelling is to sort out any travel vaccinations. Visiting your travel clinic or healthcare provider can give you more information about what kinds of travel-related vaccinations you might need for your chosen destination. Different countries require different vaccinations against deadly viruses and diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid. You should sort out your travel vaccinations at least eight weeks before travel, to ensure you have full immunity. The types of medicine and vaccines you will need will depend on where you are travelling to and what you will be doing there, as well as your own medical conditions.


Insurance is good at protecting all things, including your valuables and luggage, but it can also protect your health too. Having suitable travel insurance and health insurance is essential if you have any kind of medical conditions but will also be vital if you were to have any accidents or get sick on your travels. Getting suitable insurance and having the documents in order before travelling will ensure you can receive any medical treatment you might require whilst in your exotic destination, so make sure you get it sorted.


It should now go without saying that you need to wash your hands thoroughly before eating and drinking, but good hygiene is even more important when you travel abroad. Whilst you might have built up some resistance to bugs and viruses in your home country, you will be much more at risk abroad. Try to take good hand sanitizers with you so you can keep your hands clean before you eat and drink and try to avoid places where hygiene and sanitation are questionable. The last thing you want to spoil your trip is a bad stomach bug, so don’t take any chances when it comes to your health.


One thing to remember when travelling abroad is that water is not always suitable for drinking and eating. Your hotel or accommodation should provide bottled water and restaurants should use safe and clean drinking water to cook with, but if you are ever unsure, don’t be afraid to ask. Water can be unsuitable to drink because it contains higher levels of things which perhaps your body isn’t used to while being safe to drink for locals. Unsafe water may have micro-organisms in that can give you nasty stomach bugs, or worse, as deadly viruses and diseases such as Cholera can be spread through dirty water. Once again, if you aren’t sure, ask. Drink from sealed bottles and avoid tap water.

Sun Protection

If you want to put your health first, good sun protection is one step you shouldn’t miss. Wearing suitable sun lotion at all times is essential. Wearing hats and sunglasses will help to protect your head and eyes more, and you should make sure your sun lotion is waterproof and re-applied every hour, especially if you plan to do any swimming. Sun lotion might be something you dismiss, and even if you are the type who ‘doesn’t get burnt’, it is essential to protect your skin from harmful rays. Skin cancer and premature ageing can both be caused by the sun, so reduce your risk and remember to apply your sun lotion before going out.

Doing some research before travelling will help to minimise your risks and you should try your best to put your health first. Going to an exotic country is fun and exciting, so avoid spoiling it by keeping yourself in good health. Hopefully, this guide has helped, so that you can safely enjoy your vacation. Happy travelling!

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