Everything You Need to Know About Traveling as a College Student

Ibn Battuta said, ‘Traveling makes one speechless and then transforms him into the best narrator ever’. One can’t deny that. Once you have a chance of going somewhere let alone far away where you have never been to, you are sure to get excited by something what can take your breath away. And while you’re a college student it appears to be the best time of your life to get things backpacked and get away from everyday’s paraphernalia and worries for a while. Ok, but there’s a strict budget, and you have just scratched the surface in getting to know how you would travel on your own. The following tips on that will guide you through and help you get the things ready to go.

What the best time to go?

  Apparently, it all depends on where you want to travel and how much money you may have at most. Let’s talk about the tougher plan when you’re considerably low on your budget because more money you have the easier that scheduling thing would be. The traveling preparations should be planned in advance. If you consider traveling abroad, start surfing the Internet for the low-cost ‘giveaways’ on air tickets. The attractive prices can usually be as early as half a year before a flight, especially an overnight one. In case you plan your trip overland which is cheaper and can be booked easily about a month or so ahead, just make sure your destination is fairly reachable by all means of buses and/or trains that you may happen to switch.

Despite the fact that summer is the season you are out of college and free to go around, it’s also a peak time to settle for a trip. Once you know that you can squeeze a sufficient amount of free time out of your college schedule, don’t hesitate too much, start planning your itinerary right away for shoulder or low season as well. Traveling around during this time of the year can be nonetheless exciting than in summers.


As far as the way of overnight stays is concerned, there is a handful of lodging options in the modern world. You should take it for granted housing can eat up the greater amount of money out of your wallet.  The following life hacks will probably be saving you a little, but so needful share:

– The cheapest and most romantic way of staying for sleep is sleeping out in a tent. Of course, that wouldn’t suit all, it’s a way comfier alternative in your 20s and absolutely free of charge. Setting up a tent somewhere off the beaten track or along breathtaking views of a seashore will definitely add up to the romance;

Having relatives or a friend of yours studying as of now anywhere abroad where you’re heading to? That could be settled even easier then! Why don’t you just give them/him a call and ask what are the plans for the dates you have picked for your travel.

– Many people even the well-off tend to travel staying in at hosts’ apartments who’ve been registered at web sites specializing in housing, some of them like Airbnb charges a certain amount in exchange for tourists’ safety and cuddly environment. Meantime the Couchsurfing site will basically provide you with a free stay at all which means all you have to do is register at the web-site, fill out your profile, add other relevant info and get down to finding people who can gladly host you in any part of the world you want. Likewise, if anyone registered up there would like to stay in your hometown whenever in the future you could possibly lend them a hand sharing your hospitality.

Hostels are also a great way of staying warm and comfy, sometimes along with complimentary breakfasts. They are quite popular in Europe and mostly provide all kinds of home-like atmosphere – a dining area, a living room, a sleeping hideaway and often Wi-Fi access and an HDTV with Netflix series, of course, included!

Managing a household is another means of getting you a stay for almost a penny, the option will suit those who would more likely to stay in one area than get around all over the continent. This implies you can get a chance of staying as a lodger at someone’s house for free doing few minor duties in return such as watering flowers, taking care of domestic pets, doing common home maintenance. For instance, you might be busy doing homecare up until midday and then go out for hanging out with your friends or sightseeing or taking any tours within the area.

– Probably the last, but not least you can ask for a stay a while in most local temples and cloisters if any. Keep in mind that kind of pilgrimage either – it might turn out a way perceptive and a great experience with a chance of purifying your mind along the way.

Packing it up.

Pack wisely and efficient since this is the first crucial checkpoint right before you hit the road. The moment after you think you’re done with that you’d better double-check your backpack over again and leave something else at home that might save you money at the airports’ baggage check-ins. The lighter you pack, the savvier you get about traveling in the long run.

– Pack small items and valuables in your carry-on such as money, medicines, jewelry, travel docs and your student ID, as well as a change of cloth

– Make sure you leave all copies of your travel documents with your relatives or trusted friends in case of any emergency

– Whether it’s going to be the wonderful picturesque and sunny Atlantic oceanfront or beautiful waterfalls in the Westfjords part of Iceland, you’d better put water- and windproof lightweight jacket in your backpack as well. The weather is so changeable.

– If you have a certain health condition that might require medical attention, wear a specific bracelet, or pack your health record at the immediate reach for public, should something unforeseen happen.

You can find more useful traveling and ‘what-to-pack’ tips at EduBirdie reviews. As soon as you’re done packing, check it out again and you’ll surely find a few more items that you can travel without. Even regular toiletries are not even worth a penny all over the world and easy to obtain unless you’re heading to difficult-to-traverse jungle.

Safety first.

First off, once you’re there keep it in mind  – the earlier you roll out of bed in mornings the more time you can stroll around for sightseeing and safer you get back to your lodgings when the day draws to a close.

Take time to do lots of research on the country you travel to.  You will then probably be rid of some misunderstanding with local ways of life, their customs and habits let alone native citizens. If you’re learning local language you’re even better off practicing it out there! There are yet some high-risk countries where you may put your life in danger while traveling in or through it even if you know their language.  Here are few tips how to get around safe and sound:

– make sure you have your insurance papers valid through the whole period of your stay abroad

do not get into a dispute with strangers that about to hassle or even rob you out of your stuff, just keep your shirt on! No-one lives twice. After the incident has occurred, look it up for the nearest local police unit and ask to file in a case.

–  Jot down the nearest address and a contact phone number of embassy or consulate of your country where you could get help and support when needed.

Get hold of your family or friends as often as it can be to let them know your plans and route for the upcoming few days or so.

To cut it short, being prepared for the unexpected will indeed help you stay safe through vigilant, save your life, and let go off many troubles.

No matter what challenges you might face traveling and experiencing other cultures, it is in many ways rewarding and spectacular as much as edifying for you being a college student. ‘There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed’, once said Kate Douglas Wiggin. So it must be the right time for you as a college student of going to travel even overseas before you graduate and become a family guy or a girl, forever busy and tied up to your work!

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