How to Plan your Next Outdoor Adventure

Packing up and setting off on an outdoor adventure is the perfect way to reconnect with nature and feel the natural rush of the world around us. But some of us are new to adventuring and need a little guidance on how to prepare.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge put you off, as anyone can join in with our natural landscape!

Deciding Where Your Adventure Starts

Before you can rush off into the wilderness, you need to know where you want to go. Do you see mountains in your future or a lake? Are you hoping to see more of the world or discover the hidden gems in your own state?

Take a couple of minutes to figure out what you want to see and do on this expedition and where you want to go. You may find that the “where” is irrelevant, but the “what” is the driving force behind your excitement.

If you have decided that mountain climbing is the main focus of your adventure, you will need to pack a tent or Australian made roof top tents, cold gear, and sturdy walking boots. If you would rather have a bed to sleep in and keep adventuring to the daytime, you may want to use a travel trailer.

If you are unsure which trailer to use, we suggest looking at the Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup. Check out this review to learn more:

Once you know what you want to do, you need to figure out where you need to go. If you decide to travel outside of the country, then you may need to prepare a visa. If you hope to see the areas more local to you, you should open up a map or a search engine and find a natural hotspot.

Pre-Plan Your Activities

Knowing why you want to go on an adventure is one thing, but figuring out how your weekend, week, or month-long trip will play out is another.

One day might be centered around a mountain hike, the next a biking expedition; after that, you might want to swim near a waterfall. Knowing your location means knowing what is available to you. Of course, your main activity needs to be your focal point, but there will be more for you to do in the great outdoors.

Before you jam-pack your trip with days and days of physical activity, be sure to space out your adventure with slow and relaxing days too. You do not want to wear yourself out before you have even begun!

Search For Local Guides

Sometimes the best way to explore the world around you is through the eyes of a local expert. They know the best views, the hidden gems, and the history behind the otherwise random artificial structures consumed by nature.

A local guide could even point you to a business that hires out equipment, like kayaks or mountain bikes. This way, you do not need to try and fit all of your gear into your car, and instead, you can travel with ease.

Local guides can be found on small-town websites or flyers.

Pack For All Weathers

Planning ahead means looking at the forecast. Your local weather reporter might predict sunny skies, but the winds can change direction days before you set off. If you create a “just in case” bag and fill it with waterproofs, sunscreen, warm clothes, and bug repellent, you should be prepared for when nature turns against you.

If you were hoping to travel light, this idea might be off-putting to you, but do not fear! Many raincoats come in tiny folding bags ready to be lost in the bottom of your backpack. They are designed to clip onto the sides, be lightweight and compact. This way, they do not take up any space, and they do not weigh you down.

Creating And Reaching Your Saving Goal

Knowing your plans means knowing how much money you are going to spend. How much will accommodation be, how much will the food be, how much will the activities cost? These are the questions you should be asking yourself. Once you have a figure in mind, you can start aiming for your goal, but you do not have to stop there.

We suggest that you continue past your saving goals because once your adventure starts, you will be sure to think of new areas to explore, and that extra bit of pocket money will help you achieve this spontaneous goal.

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