How to Plan an Amazing Trip when you are Broke

Have you ever pictured yourself on a beach in Australia? Do you want to take pictures with kangaroos in their environment? Being broke it does not mean that you do not have money to buy food, it means that you cannot afford to spend money on things you do not need, because you need to pay your bills. The majority of people feel broke because they do not afford to travel as much as they want. And if you plan to travel overseas but you do not have money, you may think that it is an impossible mission. Well, it is not, you only have to put together a plan that can offer you the possibility to explore the world without having to sell your house. People consider that they have to spend a fortune if they want to travel overseas, but no one says that if you have a tight budget you cannot see the world. Here are some secrets that can help you plan an inexpensive trip.

Buy everything in advance

The secret of travelling on a budget is to plan the trip ahead. Last-minute trips are expensive, and you should not even think about this possibility. You should plan your trip ahead with a year if this is possible, and you will be able to see the most amazing destinations in the world, without having to worry about money. Start with buying the airplane ticket. In some cases airplane tickets are quite expensive, especially if you want to fly to Australia or Antarctica. But if you book the ticket in advance you have chances to buy it at half of its price or even less.

Also, there are companies that have discounts on plane tickets during holidays, so wait until the price is affordable enough to buy it. If you want to get the best price for your airplane ticket, then you should compare the prices from different companies and from different airports in a certain region. There are not few the cases when tickets are cheaper if you choose to fly to one of the smaller cities in the destination country.

Pack as light as possible

The airplane ticket is not expensive if you do not have luggage, but the majority of people have to pay for their travelling bags. If you want to travel light, and not spend a fortune on airplane tickets you should put only the essentials on your bag. Not only that you will be able to skip the luggage fees, but you will also find easier to travel from a place to another. Some countries allow travellers to take with them a single bag free on trains and busses, for the other ones they have to pay an extra fee.

Consider alternatives when it comes to accommodation

People spend a lot of money when traveling on booking accommodation at hotels. If you do not afford to pay these fees, then you should consider the option of searching for accommodation with the help of Airbnb. It is one of the most amazing platforms of the moment, because it offers people the possibility to share their houses with travellers. They offer accommodation at affordable rates and you can save money while travelling. There are also experience exchange programs that offer people the possibility to host other persons who want to explore a certain country. Check if there are this type of programs in your country, because you can offer accommodation to a traveller free and you can have the same benefit when you will visit their country.

Have you ever considered working abroad?

If you are both broke and you want to visit a certain place, then you should consider applying for a job there. It all depends on your profession, because nowadays people do not have difficulties in finding jobs in other countries than their native ones. For example you can be a teacher in Africa or Australia, or you can work in agriculture, and explore the lifestyle of simple people. There are times when people travel to work abroad because they are better paid, so this may be the opportunity of your life, to see the places you have always longed for, and to save some money. For example Korea is considered a great destination for the people who want to teach abroad. Before accepting a job overseas you should use a website that offers you the possibility to conduct people search, because you have to make sure that your employers are reliable persons.

Consider visiting an inexpensive country

If you are the type of person who wants to explore the world by backpacking then you should expand your list of interests. You should not visit the Western European countries because they are some of the most expensive destinations in the world, or at least some of them. The Western European countries have expensive accommodation, expensive food, and they are not a good destination for a backpacking traveller. But if you want to have a glimpse of the European lifestyle, then you can visit the Eastern countries. Bulgaria, Romania and Russia are beautiful countries, and you will love exploring them. And where you count that you will not have to pay a fortune on finding accommodation and buying food, because they have accommodation options for people with different budgets.

How can you save money for the trip?

Yes you can travel the world on a budget, but as the term says, you will still need money. If you have issues saving money you should consider the option of having a part-time job. In this way the income you will earn there, you will save and you can use that funds later. If you have a large house, and you need money for maintaining it then you should consider the option of renting it. You can rent it for a longer period, to a student for example, or you can join the Airbnb network, and host tourists. It will help you save the money you need for planning your trip, and even pay your bills.

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