How To Not Get Sick From Eating Unfamiliar Food When Travelling

Love To Travel? Here Are Some Of The Best Ways To Travel Safe!

Who doesn’t love to try out different cuisines while traveling to a new city or country? But it is quite possible that the food may not suit your stomach and you might end up suffering from diarrhea that could spoil the whole tour. You might not be able to enjoy your vacation or complete your work if you are on a business trip. One can never be too careful, but one can definitely take precautions if he/she is someone who often falls sick from eating outside food.

1. What To Avoid?

➢ Most of the diseases are waterborne and if you drink unfiltered water, then you have called upon yourself typhoid, cholera and what not! So, please drink packaged water only and, always check if the water bottle is properly sealed. Avoid drinking water from taps too.

➢ If your immune system is not strong and you know it, then avoid eating uncovered food. Street food is mostly left untended and its hygiene is always questionable and doubtful. So, you might want to take a rain check on eating street food if you want to have fun on your trip rather than staying in the bed down with stomach infection or something worse.

2. Eat Smart

Eat hot food and packaged food more often. When the food is hot, the heat kills most of the bacteria or the germs. Packaged food is your safest bet. Be it nuts, noodles, mayonnaise, bread, all these are quite safe since they are sealed under industry standards.

➢ You can also eat eggs, sandwiches, yogurt, whole fruit, cereal.

3. Pack Light Food For Snacking

Chips, muffins, cookies, popcorn, dry fruits, are some choices of light snacks that you can eat as they are when you are starving. It will keep you at one arm’s distance from getting sick if you eat what you trust. Even if you do get sick and you have an upset stomach, it is always a great idea to carry some medicines like Digestive Freedom Plus with you, when you are traveling for instant relief. Eating more greens and less meat would also help a lot because vegetables are a lot less infested with germs and bacteria.

4. Do Some Digging Before You Travel

Do a thorough Internet search on the restaurants and eating joints at the places you are traveling to. Read reviews of customers or other articles about them online, make a list and try eating there. It will save you a lot of time later on when you are actually visiting and you will not be doubtful of the quality of food because you have already done your homework.

If you don’t mind cooking, then look for a place to stay where you can get access to a kitchen. This way, you can cook your own meal. Well, it might not be possible to cook every time, so take a trip to local supermarkets and look for the branded food sources that you are familiar with. Staying healthy while traveling solely depends on the food choices that you make. Keep in mind your health first and then pick a place to eat. Also, prevention is better than cure, so why not be one step ahead of bad bacteria?

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