How to Make the Most Out of Your Trip to Colombia

Don’t let Colombia’s reputation stem from its turbulent past in the 1970s deter you from traveling to this stunning nation. To truly experience Colombian culture and develop a taste for coffee and Jugo de Maracuya, only one trip is enough. You’ll want to schedule your subsequent visit afterward, we guarantee it.

Learn Some Basic Spanish

If you want your experience to be complete, then learning the basics of the language is essential.

Most people are likely familiar with the words “Hello,” “Goodbye,” and “Thanks” in the country they are visiting. Knowing a little bit more Spanish will help you navigate Colombia. You can learn the fundamentals of Spanish in a fun way by using a variety of applications or YouTube channels, such as Easy Spanish or Why Not Spanish. Additionally, there are possibilities for low price lessons at Top Spanish, which is a perfect answer because none of us want to squander money when arranging a trip. Knowing a little bit more Spanish will help you navigate Colombia. In any event, Colombians are quite approachable and eager to assist.

Know When To Go

Colombia’s best travel months are from December to February, when the weather is often pleasant and dry. The optimum time to travel further, though, mostly depends on what you intend to do while there. Here are some tips on where to go when:

    • Pacific Coast: July to October (whale watching)
    • Caribbean: Avoid traveling between May and June and in October.
    • Amazon: the dry season runs from August to November, with the first half of the year being mostly rainy. More activities, including hiking through the rainforest, are permitted during the dry season, and more species are visible.
    • Caño Cristales: The Rainbow River is one of Colombia’s most well-known sites. Only from June to November will you be able to see this natural wonder.

Know What To See

The second-most biodiverse nation in the world is Colombia. There is so much to see, from the Caribbean beaches in the north to the tropical rainforests in the south, that it is easy to become overwhelmed while attempting to organize your vacation itinerary.

You should choose a few locations that you must see in Colombia depending on how much time you have there.

Pack for All Weather Conditions

Bogotá receives the majority of visitors first. The city is dominated by the erratic mountain climate due to its being the fourth highest capital on the globe. Bogotá is only the tip of the iceberg. In Colombia, you can see snow-capped mountains and then, after a few hours of travel, relax on the beach in the warmth of the Caribbean. Of course, what you should bring depends on where you’re going, but you should be ready for a wide range of weather. 

In Colombia, Cash Rules

While all major grocery stores and eateries accept credit cards, many smaller shops and mouthwatering empanada and fruit booths don’t. It is advised to either carry cash in a significant currency (such as the US dollar or euro) or to make an ATM withdrawal. If you want to use an ATM to withdraw money, be aware of any costs that both the banks in Colombia and your home country may impose.

In most tourist sites and big cities, exchanging money is simple. Don’t exchange money at the airport, just to be safe. Because so many passengers arrive here, there is a huge demand for currency conversion, which leads to a somewhat poor exchange rate.

By doing this, you will ensure that your vacation to Colombia is one to remember, and you won’t waste any time or become irritated. It will undoubtedly be your most memorable vacation.

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