How to Maintain Emotional Wellness During Times of Stress

During times of shared, emotional upheaval, no one is entirely well. In times of war, soldiers are most definitely not okay. They are being figuratively and sometimes literally bombarded with the kind of things that will leave them figuratively and literally shell-shocked for a long time to come. One of the ways they get through it is knowing that everyone from the company commander to the camp cook is going through the same thing and they are just as damaged as you.

There is a good chance that we are all suffering a collective case of shock — something akin to PTSD with regard to the pandemic. We are all remembering when we entered the Upside-down. It makes us hesitant to enjoy anything as frivolous as fashion. We are afraid to hope that it all might be coming to an end because as we learned from Ted Lasso, it’s the hope that kills. So in fact, no. We are not okay. But we also know that cannot be our final answer. We have to find some semblance of real wellness and learn to maintain it regardless of what else is going on. Here are a few tips for accomplishing just that:

Physical Wellness

There is no wellness without physical wellness. That means keeping all your body parts working as well as possible with as little pain as possible. It also means being able to get a good night’s sleep so you can be ready for whatever the next day brings. CBD wellness products are so beloved because they are not only safe and effective, but versatile. They are useful for help with a lot of the things that make us feel unwell.

That does not mean that you can skip the diet and exercise. That said, diet is not some special way that you have to eat and exercise is not some special thing that you have to do. The reason diet and exercise plans fail is precise because they are diet and exercise plans. They are additional chores or harsh limitations. In truth, diet is just good eating habits and exercise is good movement habits. They represent a way of being rather than separate and regimented activities you do.

Maintaining physical wellness does not cheat you out of anything except bad behavior and judgment. You shouldn’t eat a box full of cookies for the same reason you wouldn’t let your kids. And you shouldn’t sit around for hours at a time without healthy movement for the same reason you wouldn’t let your kids get away with it. It is easier to maintain physical wellness when it is your way of life and not a separate chore. You can’t have emotional wellness without physical wellness. They work together.

Brain Wellness

If you want to stay on top of your emotions, you have to keep your mind sharp and engaged. Your brain is the key to it all. Your emotional state is directly linked to your brain state. That means that while you are pumping iron for strong muscles, you should probably be taking iron and other supplements that encourage good brain health.

What we eat can lead to the brain’s deterioration. The good news is that we can also eat things that lead to our brain’s health and longevity. We can increase our memory and sharpen our mental performance a lot easier than we can add another 6” to our biceps. Feeling overly bad all the time might be an indicator of a problem with the brain. And most of the time, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to fix it.

Social Wellness

In a very real way, your friends get you through life’s toughest moments. To be socially healthy, you don’t need a lot of friends, just a handful that makes up your close, inner circle. These are the people who know you at your worst and still love you. These are the people you trust with all your emotions such as rage, tears, depression, compulsion, and your propensity to love and hate all the wrong things. A pack of close friends holding each other up will always be stronger than the lone wolf.

In good times and bad, maintaining emotional wellness requires attention to physical needs, brain health, and social support. With those three things, you can survive just about anything for as long as it takes.

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