How Do You Recognize a Great Fishing Guide?

Nothing beats a day on the water, right? If you are planning a fishing getaway further than your local pond, you may need a guide. Check out these pointers for finding the very best companion for your adventure.

They will lend you a hand when organizing your gear. No matter what kind of fishing you are into, you will have a fair amount of equipment to keep track of, not to mention your baits, backup pieces, repair supplies, and even spices if you intend to cook your catch on the spot or soon after.

A good guide will instantly know what goes where, they will stay well-organized and will help you do the same. A great guide will always triple-check that you have all the essentials before you head out. The best Fishing Guides do all that plus bring spares of whatever they figure will be necessary.

They will give you a free lesson or two. Casting is an art and let no one ever tell you otherwise. A professional knows this, and if they happen to be your navigator on a trip, they will be delighted to show you the secrets to achieving mastery.

They will have great tips for casting your line, little details that make the difference. Depending on what environment you are fishing in, they will recommend different combinations of knots, flies or bait, rods, hooks, and reels to get the best possible results.

They will keep an eye on your knots. Knots are important if you have no desire to lose your catch. Awesome guides will give you a short walkthrough of how to properly tie a knot before you even think of casting for the first time.

If you are making the trip in a group, they will go to each participant and tug on their binds to make sure they are correctly placed and sufficiently tight. Check out a basic fishing knot tutorial here.

They will check the sharpness of your hooks. The hook is the single most essential component of your fishing gear. If you happen to be without a rod, you can compensate with a rope or even sturdy twine, as long as you have a good hook.

It needs to hold your bait of choice, so that the fish cannot steal it and get away. It also needs to stick to the said fish until you reel it all the way in. the best guides will always stop to sharpen your hook if it needs sharpening, or they may give you a replacement.

They will let the fish eat first. Table manners exist in the aquatic world too! A lo of fishermen and fisherwomen take their time before they get the hooks out. They first get some fish feed and scatter it into the water. Corn, breadcrumbs, worms, or even pieces of smaller fish are common choices. This helps excite the critters and draw them out, making it easier for you to get a good bite.

They will get started from close to the bank. When you go on a fishing retreat for the whole day, or a weekend, or even a whole week of an adventure, you need to be able to pace yourself. Getting too tired too early completely kills the experience.

Therefore, smart guides usually start their company with short casting near the bank. This lets people get accustomed to the act and the environment without getting soaked right off the bat, and more often than not there is some catch to be reeled in too.

They will keep the negativity out and away. Let’s face it, you will not get a prize worthy catch every single time. In fact, sometimes you may end up with no catch at all for the whole trip. You can find some of the most common reasons for that at this link:

When this kind of lousy result comes about, the best guides know how to go with it and divert your mood to brighter waters (pun intended). They will do their best to give you a memorable experience, even if there is nothing on your hook at the end of the day.

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