Groom’s Guide for Wedding Planning

Generally, weddings are taken as an all girls affair, and most of us assume that grooms are indifferent to their weddings. In fact, groom is one of the core planners of his weddings. Without groom’s approval and suggestions, the other half cannot plan wisely.

In this guide we will discuss, what a groom ought to do for making his wedding day the best day of his life. Many of us still think, that our parents are the only responsible group for our weddings, now things have changed drastically, new we are independent.

There are a lot of things, involved in wedding, the first thing is the decision making, if you have not made exact decision for each and everything which is going to happen at your wedding then you may get into serious trouble, you may need to change the dates, so decide as early as possible.

Two decades ago, people used to get married quite early, that is why parents tend to support the groom and bride for planning their wedding days. Now, things are quite different and the trend of getting married in early twenties has perished away, now men usually marry when they are in their 30s. That is why once you have sent your elopement announcement; people will start assuming your caliber regarding your wedding.

However, no matter how much money a groom has got, still he would be nervous about the planning of his wedding especially if he wanted to make his big day an excitingly refreshing day for the guests as well.

Here are some tips, which can help you make your wedding day a great day.

1.    Decide your team

If you think that you are going to have some big events then, you must make sure that you are not doing it alone. So first read this about how to pick groomsmen. Then contact your best friends, and family members and assign them some works.

Hold a meeting with them and get some nice ideas and suggestions about your big day’s planning. Try to involve some married persons as well. They can advice you quite well.

2.    Budget

Without a decided budget you cannot decide where are you heading, you must follow the traditions set by your fathers. However, while following to the cultural traditions, you must stay as realistic as possible. you are not supposed to go bankrupt right after your marriage.

Keep in mind the upcoming responsibilities, and then decide the budget. Try to avoid bank loans as they can be very annoying, when you will be married with 100 more responsibilities.

3.    Write the vows

This can be very impressive for your spouse; you must decide which things you can do for your spouse and which you cannot.

Then create a vow list, practice them one month before the wedding. So that you must not forget any of it. the reason for emphasizing this part is the importance of this culture.

The point of marriage is to assure people and the spouse that you will help them in the upcoming matters of life, so saying all those things in front of the world will be the best thing to do on your wedding day.

4.    Your look

Of course, you must look good inside out on your wedding. Get a great dress, contact your prospective spouse and ask them what color you must wear. Together you can decide the best dresses for both of you.

Secondly, contact the hairdresser and negotiate the prices for your wedding day haircut. For grooms the dress must be as simple and minimal as possible, follow th trends but, decide according to your taste, each soul knows what is going to suit him.

5.    The registry and honeymoon

Do not forget these two things. If you have not done it before sending invitations, then you may fall into serious trouble. many companies offer special services and discounts for new wedding registry.

Try to do it as early as possible, most probably at the day when you have started sending invitations.

6.    Buying gifts

Last thing to do is to buy gifts for the groom’s men. If they are your friends then you can ask them about their choice, but make sure that they are according to the level of your wedding day. Do not take them for granted.

Gifting groomsmen is a sign of showing your admiration for the hard work and efforts put in by the groomsmen. It’s very important that you select the gifts for groomsmen with care so they remember them for a lifetime.

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