Greek Gifts – What To Buy to Bring Home From Greece

Greek visitors often ask what to bring back home with them for their friends and family after their holiday – a gesture that is practiced by most cultures as a way to show where they have been and for personal use. Greece is a beautiful country with a rich history that is well-known across the globe through pop culture. Many Greek cities can be considered a shopper’s paradise because you can never run out of things to buy. This is majorly due to the large number of tourists trooping into the country every year. It is interesting that many still struggle with what to buy and often need help with making decisions. That is why we have put together this list to help you decide what to bring back with you from your trip to Greece.

Everyone loves gifts, but the right gift can go a long way in making a relationship stronger or bringing back a piece of your travel adventures to your loved ones.

Greek T-Shirts

This may be the easiest of all gifts since everyone wear t-shirts. Not just that, they are readily available and you can get them in all sizes. T-shirts make the perfect souvenir item that travelers can bring with them back home. These Greek t-shirts come with all kinds of designs that represent the Greek culture – some come with Greek alphabets, cities, monuments and much more. There are hundreds of shops where you can find Greek t-shirts while holidaying. If you do not have the time to visit the shop, you can order Greek t-shirts online at extremely affordable prices. Some popular shops in Athens have been visited by different local and international celebrities, so there is a good chance that you might stumble on one of them during your visit.

Hand Made Gold Jewelry

Handmade jewelry of any kind always has something special about it. Whether it’s the fact that they were made by hand or that they were done so perfectly that it is hard to believe that they were made by hand, bringing home a piece of handmade gold jewelry to your friends and love is a nice touch. It is a perfect gift choice because gold is relatively cheaper in Greece. But it’s not just about the price; you can make custom pendants with the names of your loved ones inscribed on them for a more personal touch. There are many handmade gold jewelry makers across Greece, so locating one shouldn’t be such a hard task.

Mati (Evil Eye)

This is another Greek gift that your loved ones will appreciate. The Mati, sometimes called Evil Eye, is a popular Greek gift choice by many tourists from around the world. It is a special gift because it is said to ward off the evil eye and help with improving one’s luck. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be found in every arts and crafts shop in Greece.

If you miss out on the opportunity to visit the local stores or arts and crafts stalls to purchase Greek gifts in Greece, do not worry. You can buy them online via

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