Greece Cruising Holidays Guide: Stunning Islands You Must Visit

Undeniably, Greece has some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world. A majority of travel enthusiasts have the “Greek islands” on their list due to their laid back vibe and diverse archipelagos. Despite looking like a monolithic entity, every island has its own characteristics and identity. With over a hundred islands to visit, picking a handful to spend your holidays on can be challenging. Since a majority of the picturesque islands are accessible through yachts and ferries, you can successfully hop from one island to another. Take a look at this list of some stunning islands you must visit when in Greece.

1.   Mykonos

If you want a luxurious getaway with fewer crowds, Mykonos island should be your top choice. The Aghios Ioannis peninsula lines up several hotels with stunning sea views and plausibly a chance to peek at the beautiful sunset. The tiny streets with white stone structures and luscious pink Bougainvillea trees offer a scenic background for photography. Foko and Agia Anna Beach are some secluded areas you can visit to get the feel of Greek beaches while avoiding a big crowd. If you are visiting Mykonos in summer, you can easily reach the island through a ferry from Rafina or Piraeus.

2.   Santorini

One of the most popular islands of Greece, Santorini is a hot destination among solo travelers as well as partners looking for romantic getaways. The island is a must-visit destination for sunset lovers as Oia is well-known for its sparkling sea view. Every village in Santorini has its own character but looks like a unified entity due to its signature white and blue architectural style. You can also visit the famous Minoan ruins on this island. Reaching this island is fairly easy from Athens, Crete, and Piraeus. With frequent flights and ferries shuttling to and fro, you can reach Santorini within 45 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the season and mode of transport you choose.

3.   Paxos

This secluded Ionian island packs sophistication and beauty, which is why it is perfect for nature lovers. However, do not expect a lot of picturesque beaches or grand five-star hotels on Paxos. Travelers are left mesmerized by its crystal blue sea. You can easily find secluded spots on this island where you can relax in peace. Book one of the villas for a comfortable getaway experience. Visit the bar on Monodendri beach to get your hands on a few Pina Coladas and some French toast. Travel to the smaller island, Antipaxos, on a yacht, or book a secret beach with a private chef.

4.   Kea

Kea is a part of the Cyclades islands, but it is a bit different than its counterparts. Both locals and tourists love to visit this island due to its proximity to the mainland. Several yachts and ferries depart from Athens to Kea, making it easier to access the island’s welcome point. Among all anchorages on Kea, Orgias is probably the most remote cove on the island’s tip. Commonly known as Otzias, the site offers exciting water activities like swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. Ioulida, the island’s capital, is home to traditional Greek architecture and the Archaeological Museum.

5.   Milos

Once an underrated place, Milos is slowly and steadily gaining recognition among architecture and travel enthusiasts. Its theatrical coastline and stunning waters add character to the island. Papafragas and Sarakiniko are two well-known places in Milos. Make a chic hotel reservation in Pollonia before more people discover this place. The volcanic eruptions on this island are a significant part of Milos’s history. You should also add the archaeological museums, labyrinthine streets, amphitheater remains, and catacombs to your list. The easiest and fastest way to reach Milos is by taking a flight from Athens. However, ferries to Milos are also cheap and readily available during peak season.

6.   Crete

One of the largest islands of Greece, Crete is famous for its beaches, tiny towns, and Minoan ruins. Hania and Heraklion are two well-known cities on this island and can be reached by ferry from Piraeus. Although the island is located in the southernmost part of the cluster, you can reach Crete within a few hours during the right season. You can also fly from Athens to Crete and rent a car to reach every part of the island. Elafonissi is a famous beach in Crete with amazing views. If you have the luxury to spend more money on this trip, stay in one of the five-star resorts on the island for a luxurious experience.

Even though island hopping in Greece seems fairly easy, you need to prepare a list to stick to your schedule and budget. Pick the most underrated places and islands for an equally mesmerizing yet affordable experience. Lastly, keep the distance and season in mind when booking a yacht.

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