Great Ideas for Expanding our Outdoor Living Space

Every now and then a coincidence will happen that makes us go “hmmmm.” Today was one of those days. Just a couple of days ago we were talking about the lounge chairs on or sun deck on the back of our boat.

Oh, for those who don’t already know, when we are not gallivanting across the globe on our GypsyNester adventures, we live in a harbor on a boat in Southern California.

So anyway, our deck chairs are getting a little ragged from being out in the elements for the past few years and so Veronica said, “I’m not loving these anymore, we should look at something different, maybe a sofa or a love seat.”

Then today, out of the blue, we were contacted by Expormim,, and asked to check out their outdoor furniture to see if we would like to write about it. It only took one look for us to know that the answer was yes.

Not only is the furniture beautiful, but it is all built to be durable and hold up in all kinds of weather. It is also made to be eco-friendly and sustainable. But that doesn’t mean that there is any trade off on quality and dependability, as they like to say at Expormim, “Without durability, there is no sustainability.”

And they should know because, after all, they were named as the Sustainable Brand of the Year in 2022. And this is not a title that they take for granted, so they look to live up every step of the way when comes to securing their materials and in all of their and manufacturing processes.

As a company, they are deeply committed to sustainability and social responsibility, all while pursuing beauty and achieving excellence. And they make sure to focus on accomplishing this without forgetting to care about our environment as well as staying conscious of economic growth.

While we certainly agree with that philosophy and definitely want to support companies who pursue these lofty goals, we are still looking for good looking, sturdy, and long lasting furniture. So we took a bit of a tour through their website and found several items that caught our eyes. The Twins Sofa by MUT Design could be a perfect fit for us.

In fact, the more we looked through the site at, the more really great options we found. As we continued to browse we found the Liz Sofa designed by Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba that also seemed to be a very good possibility.

And we couldn’t help but notice that there is a whole lot more than just sofas to choose from, such as tables, tables, and more tables. An almost endless array of other pieces are available, and any one of them would be a wonderful enhancement to our sun deck.

There is also a huge variety of chairs to consider too, with several that go great with the sofas we looked at. It’s enough to make us wish we had more room out there on the deck.

Oh, and just to make sure it is clear, there is absolutely no reason that anyone would need to live on a boat to appreciate and enjoy this wonderful furniture from Expormim. Any land-locked backyard or patio would do just fine.

David & Veronica,

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