Getting Wet and Wild in Dubai

Many people describe Dubai as a land of high temperatures and endless sand. Despite its default geographical state, the people of Dubai have managed to transform it into a paradise filled with architectural wonders and man-made marvels like the Burj Khalifa.

Although Dubai is surrounded by dry deserts, there are still plenty of places where water is abundant. And where water exists, man thrives. Plenty of activities abound in both natural wonders and man-made resorts that feature a ton of water-related activities. Below are just a few water-related activities we’ve encountered that we think you should try when you decide to stop by Dubai.

Going Fishing

Remember those fishing trips you used to take with your kids with back in the day? Who can forget the fresh air, the slow rocking motion of the boat lulling you to sleep as you waited for the telltale tug of the fishing line, and the excitement and thrill of reeling it in to see what you caught. Well, take a step further with deep sea fishing. Regardless of whether you are a pro at fishing or not, you can catch many kinds of fish, from groupers to kingfish. A lot of fish are available from November to March, so it’s best to plan your fishing trip around those dates.

Poolside Relaxation

As with every other resort in Dubai, the opulence of the One&Only The Palm knows no bounds. Their private pool also features temperature control, so guests can swim and lounge at the poolside without worrying about being too cold or too warm. Resplendent, breathtaking views await those who decide to relax by the private pool at this luxury resort.

Seaside Exploration

Dubai is well-known for its towering architecture, and although most tourists love to ride the elevator all the way up to the top of the Burj Al Arab, it might not be the best way to enjoy how incredibly amazing the structure is. At the Dubai Marina, you can hop on one of the available luxurious yachts and sail away to get a better appreciation of the sights in Dubai and see the Burj Al Arab from a different perspective. You can pick and choose from the available itineraries they provide, or ask them to give you a seaside tour of places you want to see; we got our crew to take us to the Arabian Gulf for a quick dip in its warm, turquoise waters.

Under the Sea

If you’re PADI-certified, you may want to try seeing the aquatic world in Dubai. The undersea parts of Dubai are just as busy and majestic as the ones on dry land. We got a chance to try out both cage diving, where we got up close with some sharks, as well as regular scuba diving at the Dubai Aquarium. Schools of fishes swam around us as we saw some of the greatest underwater rock formations on this side of the globe!

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