Getting Onboard in the North and South of Vietnam

Sailing across the waters of Vietnam

Some people live on boats. Some of us learn how to make them. Most of us usually take a boat trip at some point in our lives. The feel of slow rippling waters underneath you and the breeze caressing you on the top deck is enough to take a sail in some parts of the world.

We had a look at a few options for sailing across waters in Vietnam. Let’s look at the north and the south of Vietnam in particular. Let’s give you a short guide of what kind of boat excursions are available. 

Northern Vietnam

This place has four seasons. Although it doesn’t get that cold, take some warmer clothes during winter and some waterproofs and mosquito spray in summer.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is the major area for cruises in the North of this beautiful country.

It’s a popular tourist spot, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The karst formations make this place feel like a movie set from a pirate movie. It is stunning. This trip suits everyone and I mean everyone. 

There is so much to see on a 3-day cruise here. You can explore caves and visit the islets. You can go kayaking, swimming and snorkelling. We sat on a beach on an islet here. It was an amazing experience, taking in the sunshine while looking at the rock formations rising out of the crystal-clear sea. You need a cruise to do all this and one with a cabin.

You can find cruises of all kinds in the Bay of Descending Dragons! 

We’d recommend you take a luxury cruise around this bay. Peony and Heritage Cruises can offer 5* facilities and services. You’ll get an exquisite wooden cabin with all the mod-cons plus three meals a day. This includes a la carte dinner and buffet lunch. Onboard, you can take local cooking classes, do tai chi, learn qigong exercises,  and indulge yourself with a spa treatment. There’s a sunset happy hour every day.

You’ll love touring Halong Bay with a cruise as luxurious as this.

Ninh Binh

This place is often missed out on any trip to Vietnam. It’s straight out of a nature documentary though! Take a tour through the river, surrounded by jungle landscape and incredible limestone mountains. This is Halong Bay by the riverside.

The rowing boat will take you through areas of Ninh Binh. You can take a combo bicycle, rowing boat trip. This will take you through the luscious rice paddies and on a ride through the river around the area of Tam Coc. Depending on the tour, you can visit the ancient Hoa Lu Temple and Bai Dinh Pagoda in Trang An or take a tour through the Van Long Nature Reserve.

You’ll love this place, all year round. It is a superb bit of natural landscape that needs to be seen if you are in Vietnam. Take a train or bus from Hanoi or find a tour who will take you around this area.

The South of Vietnam

With its tropical climate, you’ll sail in the dry or wet season. The temperature is always hot, around 30-33c, so bring waterproofs and insect spray. Warm clothing isn’t needed.

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

When people think about Saigon, they imagine motorbikes. This is the way most locals travel around Saigon. It is worth a motorbike ride at some point during your visit to Ho Chi Minh. A river cruise is a must in this city.

Many river cruises offer rides through Saigon’s river, offering dinner or lunch packages. Whether it is in the day or night-time, there are opportunities to see Saigon’s skyline and its vast skyscrapers juxtaposing with rural areas in this fast-developing city. The tours will take you to parts of Ho Chi Minh that are difficult to access by road for the average tourist. Why not check out some local life and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine and enjoy some fine local cuisine.

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