Getting Down to the Meat N’ Bone of the Holiday and Bowl Seasons

This is the time of year for family gatherings, friendly get-togethers, holiday parties, and festive feasts. Yes, if your loved ones are anything like ours mass quantities of incredible food will definitely be involved.

And if you have been following along with our Gypsynester adventures over the years, then you know how we love meat. Maybe even too much, if this episode in Argentina is any example:

So this year, with a little help from our friends at Meat N’ Bone, we decided to step things up a notch and go for some seriously delicious dishes featuring their Premium Quality Meats from the best suppliers in the world.

When our package arrived, still perfectly frozen fresh, we decided to thaw a couple Teres Major Wagyu steaks. These are considered to be second only to Filet Mignon for tenderness. Luckily I took a minute to check out their website and found a recommendation to pair the steaks with Gourmet Argentinian Chorizo, which we also just happened to have. One thing I should point out, don’t think of Mexican spicy chorizo here, these are 100% pork, made with garlic and white wine. Absolute excellence.

In another stroke of good luck, we happen to live on a boat in Southern California, so it is pretty much always grilling season for us. But I can say with certainty, this meal was right near the top of our very well-worn grill’s lifetime barbecue achievements. The steak with the sausage, along with some fresh, grilled asparagus was absolutely out of this world.

It was right about then that it hit us, why are we still racking our brains over what to get for gifts for all of our family and friends? Last minute shopping problem solved!

Then a couple days later it was time for our annual holiday boat parade. Sure sounded like another good excuse to fire up the grill if I ever heard one. And since the lights, parade, and fireworks are a casual, outdoor affair, it also seemed like the perfect time to try the Dry Aged Brisket Burgers and Steak Hot Dogs that came in our Meat N’ Bone box.

The burgers are made from high quality brisket (Prime/Wagyu) and have been dry aged for at least twenty one days, and the hot dogs are made with the same high-quality beef as their prime steaks. Both grilled up great, and tasted even better, and the all-American menu made our December evening feel like the forth of July.

Then, with the sun setting low and the grill still aglow, we were more than ready for a procession of decorated maritime vessels followed by a blow out fireworks finale.

Our next culinary adventure will be coming up soon because for Christmas dinner with family we are going to try the G1 Certified Picanha, also known as a Top Sirloin Cap, Fat On. This is hands-down the most popular beef in Brazil, and if, like us, you’ve been to a Brazilian Steakhouse, you have certainly seen the mighty tasty semi-circles of meaty goodness on the skewers, and hopefully tried them too.

Picanha is a favorite for grilling over an open fire, but since we are going to spend the day at our relative’s house, and I don’t want to outside tending to the barbecue, we are going to try roasting it in the oven. I am hoping for a sensational aromatic similarity to the way a Thanksgiving turkey makes the whole house smell incredible. Who knows, it might be even better with beef!

It also occurred to me that if there is any open fire around I’m guessing that chestnuts might just take precedence on Christmas.

While we were planning all of these gourmet holiday get-togethers, it hit me that as much as a box from Meat N’ Bone makes a great gift this time of year, there are a whole bunch of other very good reasons to treat yourself over the next few weeks. That’s right, it’s bowl season and that means plenty of big games that are perfect for laying out an exceptional spread featuring the very best meats.

What could be better than a New Years Day all-day football and meat feast featuring the best chicken wings ever, or mouth watering brisket sandwiches? These delectable goodies are guaranteed to make everyone a winner no matter what happens on the field. In fact, we might be so engulfed in the food that we don’t even notice what the score is.

Then of course, the big one, the ultimate day for an eating and football frenzy, the Super Bowl, finishes off the season. This calls for something special like kabobs made with USDA Prime/Choice Tenderloin and a variety of the best sausages to be found anywhere. Now that would be a definite game winner.

We certainly hope that these ideas help everyone with creating great gastronomic gatherings for the holidays and all of the big games coming up. And if you want to find us, you know where to look.

We’ll be on the sun deck firing up the grill.

David & Veronica,

A big thank you goes out to Meat N’ Bone for providing the meats and compensation for this incredible culinary adventure! As always, all opinions are our own.

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