Veronica Finds Herself in the Middle of a Gator Wrestling Show!

Talk about fear conquering!

We were seated in a theater-like grandstand overlooking a sand pit where a giant alligator was waiting for showtime. Little did we know we were about to be treated to some good old fashioned gator wrestlin’. Salvator, the human challenger for the day, explained the proper technique for sneak attacking huge carnivorous reptiles, then leaped on the monster’s back and clamped shut its jaws with his bare hands.

Even though there are a couple tricks that give the human an advantage, don’t try this at home kids! First, it is very important that the alligator is approached from behind, where it can’t see. Second, gators can bite with incredible force, but they have very little jaw strength for opening their mouths, so it is imperative that the jaw be clamped shut before it ever gets opened. See how simple that is? Other than the pesky problem that one slight slip may cost an arm or a leg, there’s really nothing to it.

After successfully winning his match, Salvator asked for volunteers to give it a try. With no takers, he chose Veronica to be the next challenger. He gave her just enough instructions to have us all questioning how crazy this guy really was, before relenting and handing her a smaller specimen to hold. After contemplating crawling into the ring with an eight foot long monster, this little four footer seemed rather harmless. Oh, and the park had the good sense to tape the little guy’s mouth shut.

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