Fun Vacations for New Travelers

New travelers embarking on long-awaited trips often find themselves returning from their vacations with a yearning for more. The thrill of seeing new places, learning about other cultures, and tasting foreign cuisine can hook the new traveler into a lifestyle of grand adventures. Dreams of faraway places become realities as they fill their calendars each year, and deciding where to go is just the beginning of the fun.

Check out these destinations new travelers are sure to love.


New travelers may be surprised by all that’s offered on an Alaska cruise. These packages offer an all-inclusive vacation that takes you through the natural beauty of Alaska. For one price, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free vacation. Explore, relax, and have fun as you tour Alaska and get to know the culture of the region. You’ll also view majestic wildlife from the comfort of your ship while enjoying world-class entertainment and cuisine.

New York City

You truly have to see it to believe it, but New York City is one of the most spectacular places in the world. Should you decide to make this your destination, you’ll be submerged in the city’s vast array of things to do and see. With almost one hundred museums, a music scene that never tunes out, and a variety of cuisine that encompasses every delicacy you can imagine, you’ll need to do your research before you go. Don’t forget to visit Chinatown or Fifth Avenue for shopping, and say hello to Lady Liberty while you’re there. More than likely, you’ll find a compelling desire to return to this city even before you’ve left.

New Zealand

Got your passport? This island country is known for being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. New travelers will fall in love with New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes and black sand beaches. The country’s national parks are decorated with spectacular glaciers, picturesque fiords, rugged mountains, vast plains, rolling hillsides, subtropical forest, and a volcanic plateau. Lovers of the outdoors will find plenty of reasons to put this destination on their ‘favorite places’ list. If you’re a wine lover, don’t miss Gibbston Valley’s vineyards. And with this destination’s reputation as one of the “safest and friendliest countries in the world,” you’re almost guaranteed to have the trip of a lifetime!

Hollywood, California

Lights, camera, action! That’s the main lingo you’ll hear in this mecca film city. An ideal trip for couples or solo travelers, Hollywood offers a plethora of activities from sight-seeing, nightlife, and restaurants like the Chateau Marmont where you’re likely to bump into a celebrity or two. Check out the Chinese Theatre, and take that souvenir selfie with the HOLLYWOOD sign in the distance behind you. Movie fans will be mesmerized by the exhibits and rides at Universal Studios, and save some time to take a guided tour of the celebrity homes. You’ll hear stories about Hollywood’s past and the legendary characters who achieved stardom in this city known as the Land of Dreams.

Consider these suggestions if you are traveling for the first time. Remember to research your destination before you go. Bon Voyage!

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