From Camping To Glamping With These Luxe Tips

Many of you may very well love the experience of going rugged and wild out there in the great outdoors, living with as few luxuries and amenities as you can while getting back to basics. There’s certainly a lot to love about such rough living, but sometimes you want to get away from it all, see the great outdoors, but enjoy a little creature comfort and easy living. To that end, we’re going to look at a few ways you can make your camping trips a little more luxe.

All the tech you’ll need

Got a few podcasts saved and want to listen to them in the evenings? Or perhaps you would love to wake up the camp with some of your favorite songs. If you’re bringing all of your electronics with you, then you have to remember to not make the mistake of forgetting a suitable power source. Portable power stations and generators can keep you well supplied while you’re out there, and relying on the car’s battery alone often isn’t enough for those who like traveling with a lot of tech. Find out how much power you’re likely to need out on the road.

Don’t skimp on your sleep

Feel like a sleeping bag on a padded tent floor isn’t quite enough to lend the forest floor the kind of comfort that you need? When people think about glamping, a big part of the experience is getting a truly good night’s sleep with ease. It’s not too hard to arrange it for yourself, either, if you’re willing to bring a double-thick inflatable mattress with you. Yes, it will be a real chore to get inflated at the start and add a little more time to the initial set-up. However, the combination of support and comfort could see you sleeping much easier than you usually would on a camping trip. Just be sure to pay close attention to reviews to make sure your expectations aren’t let down by a deflating reality.

Keep it cool

If you want a true luxury trip, then you’re going to want to bring lots of high-quality food and drink with you. However, where there’s food, there’s the question of spoilage and people tend to pack more goods that could be considered “hardy” rather than “tasty.” Naturally, a good cooler is the appropriate solution for you here. A well-made cooling container will keep your food chilled for days and can even keep ice frozen solid, so you don’t have to worry about doing ice runs to make sure you’re stocked up. Do a little research and make sure the reviews are good on your cooler of choice. There’s nothing worse than reaching inside for a cold one only to find they’re all more like a lukewarm one, instead.

Eat well

So, you’ve brought a lot of food with you and a cooler to keep it nice and fresh for dinner, as well. How about when it actually comes time to cook it all? Are you going to squat over a campfire with a pan after spending all day chopping up wood? How about bringing a fully functional camp kitchen with you, instead? These setups are getting much more popular nowadays, and offer room for an outdoor grill, space to prepare the food, and even storage space for your forks, knives, and extra food that doesn’t need to be chilled. There are plenty of great portable BBQs, as well, if you want to keep things simple.

Bring more space with you

There is, naturally, a limit as to how large your camping vehicle or tent can be. For a tent, it’s usually determined by how much space you have to transport it and, for trailers and other vehicles, you need to make sure it’s easy enough to transport. However, if you want a little more livable and comfortable space out in the wild, you don’t need a huge trailer. Rear fold camper trailers work by extending outwards and upwards, giving you a lot more room to use with a comfy canopy keeping you protected. You can effectively double the usable space in your camping site, and it’s quite easy to pack it all away again when you’re done, too.

Keep it lit

It’s not the most fantastic notion out there, as most of us will bring lighting to make sure we can relax as the sun goes down and beyond. However, which lights you bring can make a real difference to the mood and the atmosphere. Regular fairy lights are popular for setting the mood, but they’re expensive and pretty wasteful when it comes to keeping them powered. The sun is here to say the day yet again, however, with solar-powered fairy lights being more affordable and accessible than they ever have been. They’re great for even lighting both inside and outside the tent, and they set a lovely atmosphere for the campsite, as well.

Get warm

A lot of people love the feeling of the brisk, cool air when camping in the autumn or the winter, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, those nights can get extraordinarily chilly and you don’t want to have to retreat into the tent on account of a little cold. Portable tent heaters are getting more affordable nowadays, with the most popular choices being propane and electric heaters. If you’re using them inside your tent or camper, then it’s essential you practice proper safety and make sure that the area is very well ventilated. However, a good space heater can help you stay comfy even when you’re outdoors and takes a lot less effort to get going than a campfire, that’s for sure.

There’s got to be a cleaner way

Naturally, taking care of your hygiene is a must when you’re out camping. But how do you usually do it? Wash from a nearby river? Make sure you’re close to a clean drinking water hose at a campsite? Rely solely on wet wipes? None of those solutions are perfect. Camping showers are a good deal better, that’s for certain. There are different kinds you can get, including those that are solar-powered, which tend to be easier to power and cheaper, and those that propane powered, that tend to offer quicker heating and better water pressure. Just unfold a privacy tent if you’re worried about the local birds getting an eyeful and you’re set.

When nature calls

Staying clean is one thing, but about when it’s time to deal with a little waste disposal? It might not be the most pleasant of topics to think about, but it can really be a bummer (forgive the pun) when it comes to your camping trip. A lot of people, women especially, find it tricky to go to the bathroom in the woods. It can feel pretty exposing and embarrassing, and never feels entirely clean or hygienic. However, there are portable toilets that you can take with you camping, as well. They come with different weight capacities, and many have biodegradable bags so you can dispose them in the wilderness without any guilt. As mentioned, privacy tents can be brought too, making the whole experience a lot less uncomfortable.

Sit back and relax

After a full day of setting up camp, exploring your surroundings, making dinner, and so on, then you’re naturally going to want to lounge around and take some time to chill. Good camping furniture is a must, and it’s so very often forgotten. You might be getting sick of inflating stuff if you brought an inflatable bed with you. However, it’s worth persevering for the kind of comfort that a pull-out inflatable sofa could offer you. It’s a super comfy place to sit back and admire the shifting sky out in the woods, and it can even work as a bed if push comes to shove. Though, it’s recommended you sleep under a roof, not under the night sky.

Wake up to a fresh brew

That thermos flask of coffee isn’t going to last very long. If you’re the kind of person who can’t function until they’ve had their first cup of coffee, then camping might be especially tough on you. For many people, boiling some water and adding some instant coffee simply isn’t going to do the trick. However, cafetieres are becoming smaller, more portable, and much easier to bring with you on a camping trip to make you some real quality coffee. They can be pretty expensive and they require a decent amount of power to keep going, but at least you can now feasibly bring them on the road with you and get the pep that you need at the start of the day.

There’s nothing wrong with taking it easy and making a more comfortable camping trip for yourself. Just as there’s nothing wrong with getting back to basics and living as close to nature as you can. There’s a different time for all kinds of trips, so consider the tips above if you want to make time for a much cozier camping trip.

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