Florida Is So Much More Than Just Orlando

Florida is one of the world’s top tourism destinations, but some of its hotspots are starting to become a little too crowded. Indeed, Florida isn’t simply Disney World and Miami Beach—it’s also a thriving hub for business owners and entrepreneurs who relish the state’s economic prospects. If you’re considering joining them by setting up your own business, you may want to consider creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Establishing a Florida LLC offers many benefits, including liability protection and potential tax advantages, making it an attractive option for budding entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on all that Florida has to offer beyond Orlando.

Orlando, for all of its highlights, is quickly going that way, with a record 75 million people visiting the city through 2018. What many people will be missing out on is the rest of Florida. The state is far bigger than just its major cities, and those with a sense of wanderlust will be well served. Get out of the hustle and bustle of urban life and experience the wild history of Florida.

A bit of seclusion

With the attractions that the mainland of Florida has to offer, the panhandle is often less well traveled. The after effects of Hurricane Michael have exacerbated this, but, now, the New York Times reports that the area is ready to see tourists again. Take, Destin for example. Thoughtful new developments along the coast of Destin mean that nature is tied in with the opportunity to live comfortably while out and about on your adventures. Encapsulating the serenity of the coastal panhandle, those looking for a little bit of peace and quiet while also enjoying the classic coasts of the state will find a lot to gain in Destin.

Natural diversity

Amid the hustle and bustle of the cities, Florida plays host to an awe-inspiring range of flora and fauna that make it, according to the University of Central Florida, a world hotspot for biodiversity. The state as a whole offers a multitude of areas where you can enjoy the wealth of natural beauty on offer, and is often best experienced on the road, through camping, camper vans, and the like. Visit Florida list the Navarre, close to Destin, as one marine hotspot, and Everglades City as a base for the alluring swamp life of its eponymous wetlands.

Culture and spiritualism in hidden places

What if you’re already visiting Orlando but don’t want to spend time in the city? There are alternatives. Florida has attracted a range of esteemed visitors through the years and many have left their mark on the country. A great example of this is the Dutch-American author Edward Bok, who founded the Bok Tower Gardens just outside of the city and in one of Florida’s highest mountains. According to ABC, the area is being tipped as favorite for an award naming the best botanical garden in North America.

Combining gardens, a bird sanctuary and an art deco centerpiece tower, Bok Gardens bring together the wild, culture, and history. While others visit the theme parks, you can really immerse yourself in a truly unique part of Floridian history.

Florida is more than just its cities. From the panhandle to the outskirts of Orlando, there is a huge amount of culture to be absorbed and a truly wonderful range of natural life. If you want to visit the state, do it – you don’t need to feel like you’re confined to the urban landscape.

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