First Time to Kernow – What you can Expect from a Cornish Cottage

Cornwall is a very popular holiday destination so as you might expect, it is chock full of holiday homes.  If you are a first-timer to Cornwall, you might not know the range of options for places to stay or what you can expect on arrival so here are some hints and tips to help whet your appetite.

Choosing your cottage

The traditional properties in Cornwall and all built of granite with slate roofs.  There are some thatched properties dotted about but not as many as you might find in Devon.

Cornish cottages are either plain granite or have a traditional whitewashed exterior.  They are usually quite symmetrical and square and this style is everywhere, whether you choose a rural retreat on a farm or a harbourside fisherman’s cottage.

Important points to consider when choosing your cottage

Cornish harbourside cottages are uber picturesque but often lack any garden which may be an issue if you have young children or a dog. They can also come without parking.  Many cottage owners try to secure parking nearby but you may find that you can only get within a couple of streets of the property by car

Wi-fi does not manage well in thick-walled stone houses set in hidden valleys or deep in the midst of a busy harbour town. Some people love ditching their wi-fi but for others, particularly with young children, if tech is important to your holiday then check out the wi-fi and mobile coverage at your cottage before you book

Most cottages are terraced in the pretty fishing villages and ports but the walls are so thick, you will really not know your neighbours are there

St Ives Holiday Cottages and villages like Mousehole are bursting at the seams in high season. They are difficult even to access on foot never mind by car.  You may find this just too much hassle after a long hot day on the beach so why not choose a rural retreat down a quiet leafy lane with a large garden and loads of parking?

What can you expect when you arrive?

Most Cornish cottages have dedicated housekeepers and so the cottage will have been prepared for your stay with clean linen and usually a welcome pack of groceries which will include items like tea and coffee.

These days, most keys are kept on-site in a key safe to which you are given the access code just before you travel.  Sometimes, cottage owners live nearby and will arrange to meet you at the property to let you in and show you around.

Within the property, you should find an information pack which will give the name and number of the housekeeper and also a caretaker for more serious issues like a broken washing machine or a leaky tap.  These packs will usually include details about local pubs and eateries and popular tourist attractions.

Cottages which are pet-friendly

Most cottage websites will have a filter to enable you to search just for properties which accept pets.  Most owners assume that pets mean dogs but some visitors will ask to bring other animals like cats; usually, this has to be discussed with the property owner and will be at their discretion.

If a property is not listed as taking pets then it is unlikely the owner will make an exception for you even if you have totally fallen in love with it.  People who suffer from allergies often choose pet-free properties as they know they are completely free of dust and animal hair.  One guest with a pet can completely change this and land the owner in a lot of hot water if a subsequent visitor develops an allergic reaction in his supposed pet-free holiday let.  There are lots and lots of properties which do accept dogs and Cornwall prides itself on being a dog-friendly holiday destination.

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