Exploring Ibiza at Night: The Blinding Lights will Show You the Way

Each person on this earth sneaks outside after dark to enjoy the silence and the emptiness. During the day, some places are so crowded that you no longer feel your own presence. You become a detail, a spot, you become meaningless, but everything changes at night. You can walk on the same street that leads to your workplace and that you know like the palm of your hand, but you still find inspiration in the air. Such magical walks have the potential of becoming meaningful and unforgettable memories. They give you the opportunity to rediscover yourself and the physical space around you.

The lack of late night transport forced people to explore the city on their own in the past, but nowadays, insomniacs eagerly wait for the sun to set and the moon to rise so that they can embrace the alternate world slowly revealing in front of their eyes. Whether you enjoy night walks because they represent a break from your digital life, because they help you control your anxieties, because they stimulate your imagination or because they give you a sense of calm, you should definitely explore Ibiza at night.

Visit the old side of Ibiza at night, you will love it

Just think about, if you like those old walks in your neighborhood, imagine how you would feel exploring an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Most people associate Ibiza with non-stop clubbing, but in fact, there are so many undiscovered and quiet places waiting for someone like you to admire and appreciate them. For instance, if you are passionate about history, the old part of Ibiza with Roman ruins, city walls, considered a National Monument and the Ibiza Castle are the perfect side of the island for a visitor like you.

However, during the night, lighting creates a completely different atmosphere giving you the opportunity to contemplate striking scenery. If notorious parties are not to your liking, then we recommend visiting the subtler, more authentic side of Ibiza. Another famous tourist attraction that you cannot miss is the rock of Es Vedra with a height of approximately 400 meters. The myths behind this fascinating natural reserve have the potential to impress any history enthusiast or curious mind. Whether or not you believe in sirens or gods, the pure beauty of this landscape feature is worth your time and attention.

Watch the sunset and the sunrise with a delicious cocktail in your hand

If you decide to spend the entire night admiring the historical sights and getting lost in the labyrinth of medieval streets, you will have the chance to experience the silent morning, visit the nearest beach and view the breathtaking sunrise. Then you can drink the most aromatic café while listening to chill-out music and eat the most delicious breakfast at one of the most popular restaurants in Ibiza. When it comes to food, this unique island has everything you could possibly desire. From lobster stew, exquisite rice dishes and oysters to fish croquets and squid risotto, even those pretentious people can find something to tickle their fancy.

In what concerns the drinks, cocktails with zingy flavors represent the perfect addition to each menu. Sipping them at dusk gives you that feeling of being the richest person in the world probably because you are living a moment that most people will never experience in their entire life. Once you arrive to Ibiza, you cannot help but feeling the luckiest human being in the world. Since we are talking about food, we have to suggest the traditional Spanish Paella, a dish based on seafood, but you can also find rabbit and chicken paellas.

Become familiar with the unique architecture in Ibiza

Exploring Ibiza at night might help you discover hidden gems and locations away from prying eyes. If you are a Gothic architecture or art enthusiast, then you can trade beaches and oceans for chapels, cathedrals, statues, museums and Ibiza Spain villas, at least for one day or even better, one night. Spain’s white island undoubtedly resembles a slice of heaven and you would be a fool not examining every detail, every corner, every nook and cranny. If you start walking through the town, you will inevitably run into the Contemporary Art Museum where you can witness amazing exhibitions including a vast collection of drawings, a part of them coming from Japanese artists.

If you thought that Ibiza and Japan have nothing in common, then you have not been attentive enough when exploring the island. Of course, we are not referring to the out of this world nightlife, but to art, which seems to unite different nations. Returning to architecture, the traditional rural house has been an object of study for many people over the years. It mainly consists of thick walls and horizontal ceilings. Apart from this “rustic house, you will also discover other typical architectural styles like modern classic, minimalist chic, mountain hideaway, village vanguard and spiritual seeker.

Nightlife in Ibiza is amazing; do not miss the chance of dancing in the club

The great thing about all these attraction points is that you can visit them during the day and return after dark to experience a different ambiance. Lastly, since this article focuses on Ibiza, known as the most popular destination for youngsters and clubbing lovers, we cannot overlook nightlife and entertainment. The truth is that you cannot leave this gorgeous island without dancing in the legendary dance clubs hosting special events and universally renowned DJ’s like Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buren and Steve Aoki.

The most spectacular nightclubs include Amnesia, which is a converted farmhouse where you can become familiar with the Balearic beat, Pacha, which relies on house and techno music, but also plays other genres including funk, disco and hip-hop, DC-10, which made its appearance on the party scene later brought something new, namely the minimal-techno genre. Other popular clubs in Ibiza are Privilege and Sankeys. Our advice is to choose the nearest club from your location and enjoy at least one night dancing with your friends and being part of the new generation.

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