Estepera Hair Transplant Clinic & Principles

Hair is a crucial factor in the appearance of both genders. It affects their self-esteem in a negative way, whether they have thick or thin hair. Nowadays, having healthy and strong hair is regarded as one of the principal methods to allure the attention of the opposite gender. Different psychological problems and loss of self-confidence occur due to hair loss. Over 50% of the male population is affected by the curable form of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia. In the last decade, thanks to advances in microsurgical techniques and tools, hair transplant Turkey has become the most performed male aesthetic operation globally because it allows you to quickly regain youth and self-esteem. This microsurgery involves extracting hair from a donor area (usually the back of the head and the beard or other areas as needed) and implanting it in a place where hair growth is low or absent.

Today, about 450,000 foreigners go to Turkey on average to receive medical treatment or cosmetic operations, bringing several million euros to state coffers. There are approximately 500 hair transplant clinics; each of them claims to be the “best.” But the great competition between these facilities also has a dark side. There have been cases of medical organizations operating without following the correct hygiene rules or operations performed by nurses or staff without adequate preparation. In Turkey, a specialized surgeon must take care of the process; otherwise, he will be punished with prison terms. Some clinics carry out their operations without a doctor’s supervision: in that case, patients believe they are under the tutelage and protection of the hospital, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Therefore, the essential element to evaluate when choosing a clinic is a doctor, who is legally and surgically responsible for the operation from the beginning to the end. The knowledge and training of a doctor are of high value in operation, both in terms of results and safety for the patient. A MD (Medical Doctor) directs the team and acts personally in some phases of the intervention, impeccably managing all the specific case’s clinical aspects.

Among the thousands of offers from low-cost clinics and affordable advertisements on websites and social media advertisements, Estepera, and its expert team have reached customers from every country globally thanks to the transparency and professionalism it offers.

Why Choose Estepera in Turkey?

The reasons that push people who want to have hair transplantation to Estepera are mainly economic advantage and privacy.

Economic Advantages: costs in Turkey are lower than in other European and Asian countries, but savings, which means does not necessarily is lower than the quality of care or intervention, is specialized in most of the doctors working in these clinics and trained according to international standards.

Confidentiality: The patient who decides to have surgery abroad tends to perceive his journey and stay a short refreshing vacation for both body and mind, an opportunity to visit the beautiful Turkish capital alone or in company with his partner. Complete confidentiality is also decisive: by carrying out the intervention abroad, you avoid confronting the possible gaze of other people in your country, which saves the patient from being uncomfortable.

What is Estepera’s Success in the Field?

Estepera has been serving in the field of hair transplantation for more than 15 years. The expert hair transplant company, which performs hair operations on more than twenty people in this field, is the reason for the secret of its success is the long-term experience in the field.

Focusing on the hair transplant department since the day it was founded, Estepera’s impressions on customers are increasing with the specialization of its team and technical staff day by day.

It has many people who are very successful and do their job very well, which is one of the most critical factors for a successful hair transplant. Estepera is one of the leading hair transplant companies in following the latest technology and aesthetic trends.

The success of hair transplantation is not the growth of hair after the transplantation, but the patient’s satisfaction with this hair, the hair suited to him, the expectation and the result obtained after the transplantation is close. Estepera’s sole purpose is to see patients happy with their new hair.

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