5 Tips To Plan The Perfect Romantic Hiking Getaway

You don’t necessarily need a special occasion like a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or Valentine’s Day to express love and fondness to your partner. It can undoubtedly be expressed anytime and anywhere! So why don’t you organize the perfect hiking date?

Beaches and theme parks are great for a family outing. But if you are looking for something more private, serene and dreamy just for the two of you, a hiking trip is a fabulous idea! The traveling, the trekking, the mountains, the sunsets, and the privacy, your bae, what else do you need?

A hiking getaway is a perfect excuse to spend quality romantic together. And you know what can make it even better? These five tips. If you’re planning a quick break with your partner, you’ve come to the right place. Read on.

1. Choose a romantic hiking destination:

There are several hiking trails in the United States, yet each has its features. Some are ideal for folks into some serious mountain thrills, others are ‘wildlifey,’ and some are meh! And some are just the sweetest places to be with your lover! For instance, the Palomarin Trail at Point Reyes in California is the perfect destination for a long, peaceful morning hike leading to a waterfall and a gorgeous view of the Pacific. Or the romantic gesture of a picnic date at the Heart Lake at Anacortes, Washington. This is a rather delightful three-mile hike around the heart-shaped lake, under the shadows of pine trees, the aroma of cedar, and the sound of birds chirping.

But if you’re looking for something less clichéd and more thrilling, then pack your bags with hiking essentials and head out to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Scenic views, great hiking tracks, biodiversity; this place has it all! Trust us; this will be one of your most cherished romantic getaways.

2. Choose your hotel wisely:

After a day-long exciting yet exhausting trek, you don’t want to bring your partner back to a mediocre hotel. That would be such a turnoff! The perfect mood can only be augmented with the ‘right’ amenities. Go for suites rather than dingy motel rooms, or choose rooms with big windows that offer panoramic views to enjoy while you cuddle under the sheets.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, rent a hotel with a hot tub! You do not want to miss out on this. Hiking tracks such as those around the Great Smoky Mountains area can be quite taxing on the body. And a long relaxing bath is just the perfect solution to relax after a tiring day. We suggest that you look for hotels in Pigeon Forge with a hot tub and have some wet, steamy fun to get rid of the fatigue.

3. Go for quietness:

A quiet hike means a peaceful one, and serenity can do wonders when creating intimate moments. So, choose hiking trails that aren’t crowded. You don’t want a bunch of teenagers gawking and giggling at the two of you while in a lip lock. Quite rude, to be honest!

This is an excellent time to plan some surprises. Cherish old memories, sing a song together, start a small fire, and roast some marshmallows to nibble on. Connecting with nature is an excellent way to distress and take your mind off life’s happenings. Think of it as long, peaceful foreplay leading to moments of intense romantic passion later onwards. But, make sure you have all your hiking essentials in your backpack. Don’t think you’d enjoy insects giving you love bites instead, would you?

4. Be touristy:

Okay, okay, we know it’s a romantic getaway, and you and your bae probably want to get down straight to ‘business.’ But don’t forget that you are on a hiking trip. Experience it to the fullest to create long-lasting memories. If you feel like you need to be culturally apt to enjoy your hike, then do it! Get the right gear, do all the activities you possibly can, and enjoy all the native knick-knacks. If you are looking to fulfill your wanderlust, enjoy your trek, and revel in sunsets. These days are going to be the most memorable days of your life, so spend them with love and only love.

5. Make your hike more personal:

The first rule of a good romance is openness! Yes, some people actually need this to be spelled out! Be emotional and personal to win your lover’s heart all over again. Use your hiking trip as an opportunity to get to know more about each other and to fall deeper in love. Make it more sensory. Don’t rush up your trip. Trudge slowly, and enjoy the time you two are spending together. Stop now and then to taste the berries and play in the dirt. Listen to soothing music, stargaze as you reach the top. Let your partner know the real you.


A romantic hike can be as simple as cuddling in a sleeping bag to stay warm or as extravagant as an adequately planned proposal dinner. Go for destinations that you think will be easier to reach, and be prepared with all the essentials. Remember that you are on a romantic getaway, not on a fitness trek. Relish each moment with them because that’s how you make memories.

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