Enjoy Road Biking Near Rexburg Idaho

It’s not by chance that over the years, the world’s cycling champions have trained in Idaho. In fact, Boise the capital of Idaho is one of the best cities for cycling in the US. Needless to say, Rexburg surroundings is even better for biking.

With the perfect weather for the most part of the year, beautiful surrounding and vast clear routes who wouldn’t want to ride? Besides the area has communities that engage in riding activity for pleasure.

Joining the communities biking groups will help you explore Rexburg area more.

Jackson Hole

For most cyclists, this is heaven. You have access to about 56 miles of paved pathways linking Jackson hole to Teton Village and Wilson town. There is also about 115 miles for mountain bikers. This area allows you the space to ride peacefully on an undercrowded route.

The area has the Jackson community pathway which you could peacefully cruise around. From here, go via the Jackson hole valley and notice that the trail is between the Rocky Mountains giving you a scenic view.

The north side pathway of Jackson hole allows you access to Grand Teton National Park. Here you find many pathways for both riders and pedestrians. The separated paths link the Jenny lake which is about 30 miles South of the Jackson town.

Although the pathways are many they link to the roads in the town and further down to Teton Village. Forget not that the park GTNP offers sufficient recreational activities and camping if there’s need.

On the eastern side of the trail, you will see the national elk which is home to wildlife. For more fun activity you may go around the block for some 100-mile ride taking you over the Teton pass and through the snake river canyon.

The Idaho greenbelt falls

The best route to think of is Idaho greenbelt falls. It’s about 5 miles covering both sides of the snake river. The north end trail runs adjacent to the university place and freeman park. The Freeman park is for your rest at the picnic shelters and restroom while enjoying the sight.

Whenever you feel like you need to continue then take the route South where you will pass the Civitan Park and Idaho Falls. For more adventure, use the bridge at sportsman park to reach the community snake river landing.

At Sportsman Park, you can sit on the available picnic tables to enjoy the panoramic view of the river. Meanwhile, notice the eye-catching Japanese style garden. Alternatively, you could take the East side of the path which leads you to South tourist park for camping.

Don’t forget the 600-foot-wide waterfalls that span the river. As you ride, watch out for motorists who don’t care about the cyclists because the area isn’t bike-friendly. The trees and lush of green grass make the surrounding beautiful enough for you to clear your mind.

The warm river rail-trail

This is located near St Anthony Idaho and about 36.4 miles from Rexburg. The trail is about 30.9 miles with less to moderate traffic. Note that, its best visited between March and October.

As you ride, just a few feet after the starting point you will notice the warm spring side excursion which is also the source of the river and the place where the water gushes off the island plateau. You also expect to see Mesa falls and Targhee national forest.

The ride is meant for a moderate rider because it’s technical. Consider camping at the island park plateau for fun. There are areas that are very hard to ride on so watch out for the selected bike pathways.

Victor to Driggs trail

This offers a stunning view of the Teton mountain ranges. The trail stretches for around 104 miles all the way to Yellowstone of Montana. Victor Driggs rests in an Eastern Idaho valley. It has designed North and South route that is parallel to Wyoming.

This is the area where you will find a movie theatre that began operating in the 1953-spud drive in. despite the Teton valley’s low-key nature, the Victor to Driggs pathway makes it a little vibrant. The pathway is narrower than the rest and the wind may make riding a challenge at times.

Aside from the weather which is never guaranteed, the ride will offer you the scenic view. You could also camp at victor. Go further north of Driggs for more fun on the Ashton-Tetons trail. This trail goes for about 30 miles offering a scenic view of the countryside.

Thousand spring trails

Thousand spring trails is about 12 miles Southeast of Rexburg. The biking trail is about 9.6miles which is suitable for all kinds of riders but especially the intermediate riders. To spot the attraction sites, maintain a high level of observance as you ride.

This is because the sites are at a close distance to each other.

This park is home to various things apart from the river which include: Malad gorge, Billingsley creek, Ritter island, Crystal spring as well as Niagara springs, Earl m hardy nature preserve and Kelton creek. The trail is nicely wide making it easy to ride alongside your friend.

If you wish to approach the Red Butte you could use this trail. It’s best used during the months of July to August. Whenever you are planning these trips consider the fact that you could camp in one of the surrounding areas.

The sugar city to Rexburg path

The sugar city is the other path that you can enjoy riding on your way to Rexburg. If you have a good road bike you should manage the ride in a limited time. The sugar city region is home to all needed amenities and you can comfortably camp there.

It shouldn’t take you long before reaching since its only 4.7 miles.


It’s inevitable to enjoy your bike ride in the Rexburg surrounding. The routes/paths mentioned above are just a few of the notable best. Always conduct a research to know exactly where you are going or hire a guide.

With the right resources, riding is a mixture of exploring and fun activities as well as making new friends.


Sophie Elise is a passionate cyclist, author, and blogger. She is very passionate about writing on different types of women’s bikes, accessories, health, fitness and more. She regularly writes on sportsly.net

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