Things to Avoid When You Rent a Car on Your Vacation

For those who have been under a rock, you will learn on the things you should avoid when planning to rent a car for vacation. Some of busiest travel periods through the year is during holidays and vacations. Most people usually travel to their homes during the vacation using automobile and others through rental cars.

The horror stories arise when they get sky-high prices due to bills for the damages they didn’t even cause. When you need a vehicle, we recommend hiring a car with SCVH. You might be scared off to rent yourself a car, but don’t worry anymore because you can now navigate the world with rental cars and you won’t destroy your wallet. Here, you will find the primer of what you need to avoid before renting a car on your vacation time.

Renting After You Touch Down:

When planning to fly into a destination of your interest and plan to use a rental car,  you should avoid renting after you land. When you go to rent a car for vacation at airport terminals, you will stand in long lines and also pay high prices. In case you rent the vehicle in advance, it will allow you to choose the car you want from the wide selection of cars. Besides, you will save yourself from a headache and money because you will know the exact car waiting for you after the plane touches down.

You can also save by bringing your own accessories such as GPS or a child car seat. If you are unsure of the best seat for your needs you can choose here.

Don’t Hire Without Enough Research:

Avoid taking a rental car without the satisfaction of the following results:

Make sure you have known the cost of different companies with their different cars. When comparing, the small cars always tend to cost cheap and have fuel efficiency saving cost. Avoid large cars to save the additional money.

When choosing a rental agency, check and consider the one that offers discounts especially to AAA members or other programs. You should also be kept on the options against recalls from the government and avoid the cars whose models have recalled.

It is also essential to read and understand cars tips and guides also your rights and responsibilities so that you can solve any problematic issues that may arise.

Solve all taxes, surcharges or other fees. Before taking a rental car, ensure you factor your early or late return fees, fuel charges, roadside assistance fees, mileage fees, airport surcharges, costs for driving out of your state, additional drivers fees and drop-off fees that you are needed to pay. The problem is that some of the renting agencies will not reflect these costs when advertising their price. To be on the safer side, first read the fine print before you can sign any contract.

Call the Rental Agency:

Even if you have booked a car you want to rent, ensure that it is secured for you. You can be sure after you call the agency. It is something critical and especially during the business travel or vacations where delay might cause you to miss important family dinner.

Know Your Age Limits:

Sometimes you should consider the age limit that different car rental policies vary between the same company, different branches and between states or countries. Most agencies allow even under 25 years to also rent, but you may incur an unnecessary hefty fee for your privilege. So that to avoid all these problems, call your exact agency at the location and determine your eligibility for renting a car.

Valid Personal Documents:

It is vital to rent the car if you have valid documents. When you want to pick a vehicle from an agency, you must present your valid state’s driving license or an active credit card matching the driver’s license and also proof of car’s insurance. Be sure that you have confirmed from your specific rental agency and find out if they will need any more additional documents. Besides, you should also remember that most of the agencies check your driving records. If you have a history of accidents, reckless driving, driving using invalid license, seat belt law violations and DUI, they may disqualify you and don’t rent you a car.

Insurance Cover:

It is an age-old question: Have you purchased rental insurance cover, or not? Most of these sources will agree when you have insurance. Before you rent a car, confirm from your agent and only borrow from the favoring rental agency. When you own a car, and your insurance covers you entirely, then it is necessary to be covered under the existing policy. But owning a car and have limited coverage, ensure you invest in the extra coverage to help you during the rental. Besides, when you don’t own any car, then you might be forced to buy insurance for your rental vehicle.

Inspect the Car before Using:

It is crucial if you inspect the car thoroughly before you leave the rental agency for any dents, stain, scratches or other damages. You should document anything that is not ordinary where you will take pictures using your Smartphone or camera. Then you should first notify the agency and let them make the notes of the damages in their paperwork. It is necessary because you will avoid sticking with a damage fee you didn’t cause.

Confirm The Gas:

Most of the rental cars come with a full tank, and they will expect you to fill it again as you return. It is therefore essential to ensure that before you take a rental car for your vacation, you have confirmed the gas level. You may also check on the agreement and establish how it applies.

Inspect the Rental Car during Drop Off:

When the vacation is over, you will need to drop off the rental car. Ensure you inspect all its crannies and nooks and make sure you have not left anything belonging to you. Also, note new damages that you have caused and take their pictures and they will help you fight any erroneous charges.

It seems a little daunting, but take your time and learn all the ins and outs of things you should avoid before you rent your car for vacation and open up learning opportunities.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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