Easy Car Paint Maintenance Tips

Cars must be looking clean and shiny all the time. No matter which car model you own, It should be looking neat and clean. People usually won’t care for their car as they should, they want their car to look crystal clear but never pay attention to caring for their car. The main look of the car depends on the paint condition of that car. In fact, many car dealers prioritize the condition of car paint. Car owners think that car washing is the only way to keep their car in good condition.

There are many things that as a car owner you need to know to care for your car properly. There are many factors that play their part to damage your car’s paint condition. No need to worry because we’ll go through all the tips that you need to keep in mind to maintain our car’s paint look. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go down and find out those things we need to follow for better car care.

Car Paint Maintenance Tips

As we’ve stated earlier, people really don’t know what it takes to maintain the car look by protecting the paint surface. After going through research and guides, we got some effective and easy tips for you to follow for protecting your car look.

1- Use of Car Wash Soap

The common mistake people do is that they clean their car with ordinary soap. Little they know that washing a car with such soaps might damage their car paint look. Also, some car owners do wash their cars with dishwashing soaps or liquids. These types of detergents and soaps are made for removing greasy and oily particles. Using them on the car is not recommended at all. We’d like you to only use a proper car wash soap for cleaning your car because it is specially made for cars only.

2- Car Wash Mitt and Microfiber Cloth

Washing and drying the car needs to be done with care as well. These things also play their role to keep paint in good. People usually use rough rags to clean and wash their car with. Using them for washing and drying a car might bring marks on your car’s paint surface. Following this issue, we’d recommend you to use a car wash mitt to wash your car to avoid any scratches during the car wash. Also, it is better if you use a microfiber cloth to dry your car surface rather than using rough rags.

3- Wax Your Car

As stated in the beginning, people think that washing a car is enough to maintain their car look. That doesn’t work like that. You’d have to give extra care when it comes to your car looks. In order to gain that car paint shine and protect it against harmful elements, you’d have to wax your car. Yes, waxing a car would not only provide a protective layer to your car’s paint but also bring a crystal clear shine to your vehicle’s paint. Usually, the protection of car wax lasts up to 3-4 months, the protection quality depends on the brand of the wax.

4- Polish a Car

Some of you might not be familiar with the difference between car wax and polish. Many people consider both as the same thing but that’s not like that. Car wax as we stated above provides protection to your car paint and bring shiny surface. If we talk about car polish, the polish is supposed to recover your paint condition. Polishing a car is only recommended when your car’s paint has lost it looks and shine totally. Also, polish protection supposed to last for more than a year so you can’t polish your car every 3 months like wax.

5- Clean Bird Droppings

Every one of us must have experienced this bird dropping on a car windshield and body. The longer those bird poop stains will stay on your car more it will damage the look and shine of your car. So, we’d suggest you to use any stain remover or bird poop removing spray to use on your car to keep it clean. By the way, you can use any type of car cleaning spray to clean those stains off the car surface.

6- Avoid Sun

UV Sun rays are not only harmful to your eyes but to your car’s paint surface as well. These sun rays would burn and fade away that color of your car’s paint. Continuous fall of sun rays would take away the original paint look from your car’s surface. It is recommended to always park your car in shade or where there is no direct fall of sun rays to keep your paint surface safe.

These were the 6 tips you need to follow to protect your car’s paint look. Going through carwashtricks is recommended for everyone who is looking forward to providing complete care to their car.


On a concluding note, we can say that washing a car is not good enough to keep your car’s paint look maintained. You’d have to take out time and put effort to keep that look in its original color. We came to know about the things we need to avoid for the betterment of your car’s body look. Also, we got to know how car wax is different from polish in terms of providing care to your car’s paint surface. In the end, we’d like you to go through all tips you need to keep in mind to maintain the overall car beauty.

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