Best Tips from Astronomers For Stargazing

Who can stop themselves from admiring the stars on a clear night sky! It does not matter whether you live in the countryside or a city; the sky gems never stop to amaze people who spend at least a moment looking at them. Some stars fans spend on devices, tools to take them nearer to the sky. If you wish, you can visit any online web site which deals in these astronomical instruments.

However, this article will enlighten you with the best tips from top astronomers for stargazing to take your amusement to the next level.

1. Get Higher

When you want to inch closer to the skies, you have to get as high as possible so that buildings or anything that tall does not get in your view. You would also want to get away from the streetlights, which, according to astronomers, stuns your darkness adaptability. They also suggest that the farther from LED streetlights, the better.

2. Go For A Red Flashlight

If you want something to lighten up your way, you should go for a flashlight with a red filter. It does not affect your eyes the way white or blue light does. If you do not have one, you can DIY with your phone by covering the flash with a red cellophane paper.

3. Know The Perfect Time To Look

The ultimate fun is when you know the perfect time to look at the sky to get the best view. A clear, humidity-free, wintery night is the time you should never miss a gaze towards the sky. It is even better when the moon is in its gibbous or crescent phase or a no moon night. However, a moon is also spectacular for city dwellers who often miss out on such views.

4. Get Yourself A Start Chart

Getting a star chart is also a fantastic way to move closer to the sly and the stars. You will be familiar with the objects you are looking at, and you will have a better understanding of where to find the stars or constellations you are seeking. Although several apps and sites have replaced charts, astronomers suggest that the old school feels better when stargazing.

5. Do Not Miss The Milky Way

Probably one of the best views of the galaxy from the planet earth is the milky way. It is utterly breathtaking if you know how to look at it. You will find it low on winter nights and high on summer skies. The appropriate time to look up is 11 pm during the summer nights from the darkest area possible with no lights as far as 20 miles.


So, are you already planning for your night endeavor? Well, why not. When you have something so beautiful and fantastic right on top of you and outside your window, there is no point in wasting time. Moreover, the tips from the top astronomers mentioned above will help you have a spectacular night of your life.

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