Different Vegan Ketogenic Diet Plans

A ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet, which ensures that your metabolic system burns through fat instead of the primary energy source for the body, which is glucose. This diet is popular around the world because it helps people in their weight loss journey, helps in managing diabetes, minimizing seizures and so much more. The ketogenic diet is characterized my livestock products such as dairy, eggs and meat. Vegans are people who leave out meat from their diet hence they may find it difficult to adopt a ketogenic diet. Nevertheless, vegans can still reap the benefits of ketosis.

These are guidelines to help with a vegan ketogenic diet:

-Consume as little as 30 grams-50 grams of carbohydrates daily depending on your calorie intake requirements.

-Do not eat animal products such as dairy, fish, meat and poultry.

-Eat at least 0.4grams-0.6grams of proteins found in plants, measured by each pound of your body weight each day.

-You will get other nutrients from fats in plants.

-Consume food supplements like iron, vitamin B12 and zinc to take care of any nutritional gaps.

Vegans do not eat meat hence they may not be at the liberty to use meat in their diet but there are so many alternative foods that they can use in their diet to achieve ketosis. These are different vegan diet plans that you can use for your daily diet needs:

Breakfast ideas

You can eat a fruit and oatmeal, mushroom frittata and spinach, tofu, chocolate, coffee smoothie, strawberry and coconut cream, almond butter and full-fat yogurt smoothie, vegetable salad with eggs fried in olive or coconut oil with avocado or asparagus with egg frittata and avocado.

Lunch ideas

You can eat spiced black bean soup with green vegetable salad, spiced tempeh and vegetable salad, tofu with vegetable salad, spiced lentil soup and vegetable slaw, tempeh chicken salad with greens, soy bacon bits with cabbage, avocado and egg salad or eggs with cauliflower rice and vegetable salad.

Snack ideas

You can eat whole grain crackers and roasted eggplant dip, keto-friendly sweet and spicy chili sauce, spicy peanut sauce with vegetable spring rolls, sun dried tomatoes and celery, mushroom with cucumber slices or pine nuts and mushrooms stuffed with spinach, or try za’atar from Zesty Z.

Dinner ideas

You can eat mixed vegetable salads with spinach pie, sesame stuffed mushrooms with greens, spinach pesto with roasted eggplant lasagna, black bean sauce with vegetable burgers, stuffed eggplant with vegetable salad or cauliflower crust with cheese pizza and broccoli.

Dessert ideas

You can eat zucchini and apple cake, fudge and walnut truffles, granola crust and blueberry soy cheesecake, chocolate slice raspberry slice, chocolate mint pudding, lime coconut bars, pumpkin chocolate slabs, almond crust with chocolate silk pie or chocolate sauce with poached pears.

These are just some of the diet plans for a Vegan Ketogenic Diet. For a complete guide, you can look for other resources on the web as well to expand your knowledge regarding this.

In conclusion, dieting for the first week will give you major strain due to your body trying to adjust to the new diet. However, the next couple of weeks will be less strenuous and in a period of 3months-6months, you will be able to see major changes in your body especially for those hoping to lose weight. With discipline and commitment, you will be able to achieve a vegan ketogenic diet that will add great benefits to your overall health. The tips mentioned above will help you to achieve success.

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