C’mon Get Happy! Meet Me in Charleston!

Veronica James will be speaking at Charleston Harbor Resort in Charleston, South Carolina

Change is an unavoidable part of being a woman “of a certain age.” I’m not taking about THE Change – that’s another subject altogether.

I actually prefer the word transition. Change seems too vague, too out of our control, and sometimes too overwhelming.

Our transitions are what define us; how we handle life’s crazy twists and turns – and how we choose to come out on the other end.

I’ll be speaking in Charleston, South Carolina on October 3rd with two fascinating women, Sharon Becker and Jennet Robinson Alterman about grabbing life’s changes by the collar, showing them who’s boss, and turning our transitions into happiness.

(If you want to get to the meat of the matter — the where, the when, and directions — click here for the nitty gritty!)

I’ll be addressing…

Being Open to New Directions in Life
– consciously choosing intentional happiness instead of loss and sadness at life’s transitions.

… a subject I’m extremely passionate about.

We’ve all been slapped by change.

Sometimes we’re ready for it, sometimes we see it coming like a freight train and choose to ignore it until it gets unwieldy, sometimes it hits us like a ton of bricks.

Even the good stuff can catch us off guard.

<– How my first empty nest holiday might have played out if I hadn’t headed out in a new direction!

I’ll be kicking off the day by sharing my story; how I — a fearful mess of nerves — embarked on a crazy (and a bit irresponsible) journey.

And how this adventure taught me that transitions open me to opportunities I never dreamed existed.

(Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to become as crazy as I am!)

Let’s learn and grow together!

Sharon Becker will be speaking at Charleston Harbor Resort in Charleston, South Carolina

Once I’ve finished, there’s no way I’m leaving. I’m too excited about attending Sharon Becker‘s workshop.

“The Next Chapter Revised – A Path to Moving Forward”

Sharon, is a dynamo who has been counseling folks with life transitions for over thirty years, and will show us how to move forward in our futures with curiosity and creativity.

Sharon’s motto: “I am passionate about helping people experience life’s changes as opportunities to make new choices and move forward with resiliency, direction and purpose.”

Yeah, baby!

Jennet Robinison Alterman will be speaking at Charleston Harbor Resort in Charleston, South Carolina

Then there’s Jennet Robinson Alterman. I often find myself wondering how women who are as accomplished as Jennet find the energy to do all that they do.

Jennet’s workshop…

“How to Tame your Inner Wonder Woman – we all have the power to live a balanced life”

…will teach us just that.

Jennet says:
“As a group we will examine what stressors we face on a daily basis and then develop a filter through which to make smart choices and feel good about what we accomplish.

We all have the power to live a balanced life and in this workshop we will define just how to do that. We all need to get comfortable with the concept of power and the more women who learn to use their power, the more our world will be a better place overall.”

That’s a change I can get behind!

Are you ready to spend a day grabbing change by the collar and showing it who’s boss? Click here to join me at Charleston Harbor Resort on October 3rd!

Veronica, GypsyNester.com

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10 thoughts on “C’mon Get Happy! Meet Me in Charleston!”

  1. I wish I could join you, but I live in NJ. We wanted to explore possibilities of moving in the future south – out of our winter. My husband wanted to look at Charleston. Any information you could give me would be helpful. I wanted to stay somewhere (an Inn?) when we visit. If you have a chance, can you email me info? Or PM on FB? Either way, good luck to you and congrats on your upcoming event!

  2. Not only do you have amazing stories to tell, you’re always funny and self-effacing at the same time. It’s always such a pleasure to see you and hear you speak! It’s going to be a great event!

  3. I would have loved to come but it won’t work out for me. Your topic is definitely one that resonates with me. Charleston is a fabulous city that I’ve been fortunate to visit twice and can’t wait for the third time.

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