Cleveland: A Hidden Gem for Retirees Looking for a New Adventure

You can look at retirement as a time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, but as human beings we will always seek meaning and purpose in what we do. If you’re planning on moving for your retirement, your new home will be crucial in finding that meaning and purpose.

To help retirees make this complex choice, a recent study by StorageCafe looked at the best places to retire in the U.S., judging them by safety, tax burden, leisure opportunities and a host of other factors. While it may not be a surprise to anyone that a Florida location took top spot in the rankings, the runner up was the one that caught everyone’s eye – Cleveland-Elyria is the second best place in the country for retirees, scoring excellently in safety, cost of living, and healthcare and social assistance.

It’s not just about the numbers though. Like we said, retirement is about more than finding a place where you can take it easy. We keep learning and growing throughout our lives, by engaging with people and exploring places. You’ll get plenty of chances to do both in Cleveland!

Discover the Art and Culture of Cleveland

When it comes to enjoying the good things in life, you can’t forget about art. Enriching yourself culturally is one of the most rewarding methods of self-development. The city is home to a number of fascinating museums, art galleries and performing arts centers that offer an endless stream of exhibits and performances.

The Cleveland Museum of Art has plenty to show you, including an absolutely stunning collection of Egyptian statues and sculpture work, while the Severance Concert Hall offers some of the best musical performers in the world today, including the Cleveland Orchestra itself. The Museum even has a special Senior Member Day every Tuesday for members, where you can get exclusive guided tours and other perks.

Connect with Nature

If you’ve got a spring in your step and prefer the grand spectacle of the outdoors, then Cleveland and its surroundings are going to be right up your alley. There are numerous parks and recreational areas where you can go to enjoy the great outdoors, including the Cleveland Metroparks system, an extensive network of protected natural areas. This is sometimes affectionately referred to as the Emerald Necklace and is a gorgeous sample of what outdoor Ohio has to offer.

And let’s not even get started with all the golfing there is to be had there!

Become an Important Pillar of Your Community

Regardless of where you want to go, local travel agencies in Cleveland know that senior travel is important – some cater almost exclusively to seniors and offer enhanced accessibility on tours.

Being part of a strong community and giving back to that community is what brings the best out of all of us. Because Cleveland has so many cultural fountainheads and places for activities, it’s only natural that great communities have grown up around them.

Medical facilities — of which Cleveland has many — have great volunteer groups, libraries encourage you to help with reading programs, and there is always the option to assist with Meals on Wheels programs. Even some of the previously mentioned art institutions, like The Cleveland Museum of Art, have a range of volunteering activities that you can choose from.

Cleveland has a lot going for it, especially for those who seek to discover and enjoy themselves. Living here is easier on the budget, especially when you think about places in Florida or New York which ranked similarly, where the average house price can be double or even triple what you find in Cleveland. The city also has plenty of affordable self storage for keeping any items you bring with you, including RVs or boats.

Cleveland is not the obvious nor the most talked about retirement destination, but that just might be one of its biggest advantages. It has cultural, recreational and educational opportunities, excellent healthcare, not to mention the Midwestern hospitality and sense of community that it engenders. Can’t choose between the amenities of a bustling city and the peace and quiet of suburbia? Why not have both?

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