Choosing the Best Organic Hemp CBD Flower Strains on the Market

Planning to buy organic hemp CBD strains on the market today? The biggest fear is in knowing the best for your needs. Currently, there are different CBD flower strains depending on how they are blended and grown. Many reputable sellers work hand in hand with farmers to carefully grow a certain hemp CBD strain and maintain its potency, flavor, and notes.

If you are not so familiar with this, visit reputable websites like to acquaint yourself with popular CBD flower strains that everyone is going for. As you will notice, many of them have full-spectrum CBD benefits that include promoting relaxation and sleep, reduction of pain and inflammation, and management of chronic illnesses, among many others.

That said, let us dive into the popular hemp CBD flower strains that are organically grown and full of health benefits.


This CBD flower strain is common among the best sellers. It has sandalwood and cherry notes and a very high percentage of CBDa followed by regular CBD and other cannabinoids. It is among the few hemp CBD flowers with a full range of benefits from pain relief to promotion of relaxation.

The Cannaflower website, formerly BerkshireCBD, stocks organic Legendary among numerous other hemp flower strains, and it is worth checking out this new website. You will be surprised that they even have additional flower strains that they have launched together with the new website. They even have a variety of pre-rolls for all occasions.


For those who are looking for a hemp CBD flower strain that will lift their spirits, this is a great option. After all, the name says it all. It is loaded with about 14% CBD and very low amounts of THC. The flower has a sour and sweet taste from the zesty lemon and fruit notes.

You can buy this product online from popular sellers. Just make sure that the seller grows it organically to make sure that it has all the benefits we have mentioned.


Just like the first two hemp CBD flower strains, this is also a popular one. It is considered as the boldest one with a variety of notes and flowers that include fruits, sour, piney, and nutty at the same time. Since it is rich in CBD and low in THC, users enjoy a full spectrum benefit such as management of pain, inflammation, moods, hormones, and sleep. It is also a common one in online stores all over the web. All you need to do is ensure that it is organic.

Cherry Wine

Our list is not complete without this hemp CBD flower strain. It is a cross-breed of the Wine and Charlotte Cherry hemp flowers. It is among the flowers with the highest levels of CBD, which goes up to 22%, and low levels of THC. Hence, it is best for pain relief, although users get to enjoy all other benefits of CBD as well.

Final Word

There are many other hemp CBD flower strains out there such as Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, Sour Dog, and White CBD, just to mention a few. You can also check their qualities to broaden the list that we have shared with you. Organic ones are all supplied by reliable sellers.

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