Choosing The Appropriate Footwear for Your Beach Honeymoon

Most of us have wonderful childhood memories of the beach or our favorite lake. Building sandcastles, playing in the water, looking for critters among the rocks, it’s always a magical place. You can soak in some vitamin D, with SPF, of course, relax on a blanket far away from all the hustle and bustle, or catch some waves as you cool off in the water.

The Perfect Setting For Love

No matter where the location, a trip to the beach never disappoints and relaxes us like nothing else. The beach never loses its charm, even as we age, which is why many couples dream of a tropical escape for their honeymoon. It’s magical, romantic, captivating, therapeutic, and worth every penny.

You can get a tan, go for a swim, engage in recreational activities, take a stroll on the boardwalk, or plan a romantic dinner complete with wedding sparklers, your favorite bottle of wine, and good eats.

Shoes For Comfort And Style

Before you head off to your honeymoon, make sure you do it in comfort and style. To enjoy your day to the fullest, select the right footwear when planning your look. While we all want to be on point with style, if your feet hurt or your shoes get ruined, it’s hard to have fun.

Impact of Walking On Sand

Walking and running on sand takes much more effort, and your muscles and tendons work much harder, which means the exercise is much more effective. Most of us don’t know when we walk, run, or do any exercise; our foot volume increases by 2 to 4 percent because of fluid circulation.

Because the ground beneath you moves, less force is rebounded back towards you, which is the opposite with a steady, stable surface. When you push off in the sand, most of the surface area supposed to support you get pushed away rather than staying in place, taking away force, so you do not get as far.

Your range of motion is extended due to the uphill and downhill movement of feet. Half of your pressure energy is stolen by the sand, so you have to put in twice as much energy to walk. It can result in muscle pain in your feet. The good news is sand cushions the impact and causes less strain on your body and feet. But, you need to select the best shoes for walking in the sand for support.

Footwear Essentials

Thankfully, companies have come a long way in options when it comes to beach shoes for women. While all ladies will admit fashion matters, there’s a lot of options to consider. Depending on the level of activity, your age, and contact with the sand and water, you’ll want to look for a shoe that meets your needs.

Every water sport and beach activity requires forethought in what to wear, so footwear is no different. Each individual must select footwear that fits their needs, whether it be flip-flops, slide-on, water shoes, fisherman’s sandals, or canvas slip-on.

Details Matter

Sandals are most famous for their ease at emptying sand. Waterproof materials such as rubber, jelly, plastic, and Gore-tex are ideal if there is a chance the shoes will see the water. The most stable shoes typically have canvas or leather on them, which will be alright wet but best kept in the sand. You’ll also want to look for versatile footwear that’s ideal for a walk along the beach, water sports, or an intimate gathering with wedding balloons, candlelit, and the starry night skies.

Another factor to look for is whether a shoe is machine washable or easy to clean; as we know, areas around water can leave quite a mess. Finding materials that repel water and won’t absorb smells is essential. Breathability and ventilation are also vital as you don’t need the extra heat. Being you won’t be wearing socks, make sure to select a material that will feel good against your bare feet and won’t leave any room for blisters.

Another critical feature to look for in footwear is something that provides arch support, cushion, and stability as you’ll be active. The most considerable need for shoes when walking on the beach is protection from sharp objects hidden in the sand. Hazards like rocks, shells, and trash, can all cause problems.

As you plan the details of your beach honeymoon, make sure you’re prepared with the right footwear to make the most out of your day. With a bit of research and planning, you can find footwear that not only looks great but will have you ready to explore.

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