CBD and Melatonin: How This Combo Will Radically Improve Your Sleep

Are you still brushing off your insomnia?

Feeling tired is the least of your problems when you can’t sleep. Even a shot of coffee will get the most sleep-deprived person throughout the day. No, chronic sleeplessness impacts your physical and mental health.

Sleep deprivation literally “drains your brain,” which prevents nerve cells from processing and remembering new data. Cognitive problems are just the beginning. Chronic insomnia weakens your immune system, which increases the risk of heart failure and diabetes.

Individuals have historically depended on prescription medication and over-the-counter solutions to manage their insomnia. Could a powerful combination of CBD and melatonin finally kick sleeplessness to the curb?

CBD has been heralded as a remedy for a wide range of health concerns, including insomnia. Research has shown that it may have a beneficial effect on such physiological processes as our Sleep-wake cycles.

America’s sleeping problems are only getting worse. Nearly 70% of U.S. adults have struggled with sleep. Discover how CBD and melatonin work together to produce long-lasting sleep.

Why Sleep Matters

Thomas Edison said that “Sleep is a criminal waste of time, inherited from our cave days.” While Edison preferred to burn the midnight oil, he didn’t know the profound impact that lack of sleep had on the human body.

Little was known about the health consequences of sleeplessness in the late 19th-century. Back then, there weren’t studies showing a direct correlation between insomnia and stroke. People didn’t know that sleeplessness was behind their chronic back pain, unknown thyroid problems, and stomach issues.

Worse yet, several medical conditions caused, in part, by insomnia, produce even more sleeplessness. Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Anemia, lung disease, and depression are a few conditions that worsen sleeping disorders.

What Edison and 19th-century scientists didn’t understand was the importance of Melatonin. This crucial hormone wasn’t technically discovered until 1958. Since then, the melatonin discovery has opened up a world of possibilities for insomnia treatment.

What Does Melatonin Do?

Melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in your body. Its primary function is to regulate your body’s natural sleep cycle.

In plain English, Melatonin lets your body know when it’s time to go to bed and time to wake up. Your body creates more melatonin at night, which lets your body know that it’s bedtime. By morning, your melatonin levels are decreased, which signals to your body that it’s time to wake up.

Since its discovery in the late 50s, scientists have tried to harness the natural power of melatonin for insomnia treatment. Now, you can find several brands of melatonin supplements at natural health stores. You’ll even find melatonin aids for managing jet lag.

Melatonin is vital for managing chronic sleeplessness, but is it enough? Recently, scientists have been studying the effect of CBD on sleep, and the results have been interesting.

What is CBD?

CDB is another name for cannabidiol. This is not to be confused with cannabis.

Cannabinoids come from the same family as cannabis. However, they don’t produce the psychoactive effects seen in THC. Instead, CBD is used for its potential healing properties.

CBD is becoming more widely accepted as a natural treatment. Now, it’s a top treatment for managing chronic pain, anxiety, depression, addiction treatment, skin problems, and digestive disorders.

One area where CBD is showing promise is insomnia.

CBD and Sleep

The sleep medical community is looking deeper into the benefits of CBD on sleeping disorders.

CBD is unique in that it “sticks” or “attaches” itself to cells in the body. After attaching themselves, scientists believe these cannabinoids may be interacting with receptor cells that help regulate your sleep cycle.

CBD is also used to manage depression and anxiety. Individuals may find themselves falling asleep quicker because they have less on their minds.

The same goes for people who are using CBD for chronic pain. It’s much easier to fall asleep when you’re not writhing in pain.

CBD and Melatonin supplements can have a profound impact on sleep. Imagine what the two could do together to improve sleep?

The Impact of CBD and Melatonin

There are a few reasons why CBD and melatonin may prove to be more potent than other sleep aids.

For starters, melatonin and CBD produce naturally in the body. Melatonin is a natural sleep hormone. Your body has two special cell receptors for CBD.

Your body doesn’t absorb CBD and melatonin through the digestive system. Vitamins supplements, for example, are digested and absorbed. Unfortunately, many vitamins are not absorbed during the digestion phase.

CBD and melatonin don’t “break down” in the digestive system. Therefore, your body can’t expel the waste later on, like food and supplements.

Using melatonin and CBD together can approach insomnia more holistically. Melatonin can regulate the sleep cycle, ensuring your brain is getting the message loud and clear. CBD can help maintain homeostasis within your body to produce the best results.

Together, melatonin and CBD may be what you need to combat chronic sleeplessness. Your next challenge is to find the right treatment.

How to Find CBD and Melatonin Products

Remember, CBD is exploding in popularity. It’s vital to research your options.

First, ask any friends, family, or acquaintances about their experiences with melatonin and CBD sleep aids. Which products do they swear by?

Throw yourself into CBD research. There are a lot of growing CBD publications out there. You also need to know about any CBD regulations in your state.

Understand what you should expect from high-quality brands. What are the signs of a bad CBD sleep aid? What are the side effects of using melatonin and CBD together?

Research rising brands like Charlottes Web CBD. Read their consumer reviews with a fine-toothed comb. What do their customers like about the brand?

Customer service matters too. If you’re starting a weekly CBD regime for sleep, you need a reliable brand. That means a steady supply, reasonable prices, and friendly service when something goes wrong.

Say Goodbye to Restless Nights

You’ve had your last restless night. Don’t wait to experience the health consequences of insomnia. Discover the potential benefits of using CBD and melatonin together.

This natural duo could be a gamechanger for your sleep problems. Check back often to learn more about the possibilities of CBD.

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