Best Places To Travel With Your Dog in Europe

It is increasingly common to take our furry with us on vacation because we know that without them it would not be the same. However, the facilities offered by the different destinations are not extensive, although there are more and more places and means enabled to travel with our pets. For this reason, we are going to propose a series of European dog-friendly destinations in which to set our sights on the upcoming holidays… or whenever we feel like it!

And, for the enjoyment and enjoyment of all pet lovers, dog-friendly cities are creating a trend and placing themselves among the most visited destinations. There are more and more parks enabled for our furry, spaces where they can be enjoyed without leashes, cafes and shops where access for them is not restricted and even restaurants where food is also served for them.

Of course, first of all we must teach our pets the habit of traveling: It is convenient that from puppies we accustom them to make even small weekend getaways so that they know what it is to travel by car and so that they do not see it as a threat, but just the opposite. You can get accessories like pet blankets, puppy pads, and the like to make your pet’s trip comfortable at

According to Pet Fashion Week, here some great places to visit with your furry friend.


The German capital is one of the most ‘pet friendly’ in the entire continent: you can take your dog on public transport without problems and you have many restaurants with facilities suitable for animals and special menus.

In turn, in Berlin you will find a large number of parks with exclusive areas for canines and also shops where you can enter with them without restriction. The only exception is the establishments that sell food. And for your dog to get some exercise, take it to the slopes of the old Tempelhof airport, closed in 2008.

The city has a center where you can take good walks with your furry in peace and tranquillity and bars and restaurants where you can eat without problems with them. And of course, the use of transport is completely free. In addition, Berlin has several canine delicatessens shops where your dog can not visit them.


Of course, you could not miss the Swiss capital in this list of European destinations to travel with your dog. The land of San Bernardo and the Boyero accepts pets almost everywhere. It is ideal if you have one of these breeds because they can enjoy in the snow and the mountains.

Otherwise, you have the opportunity to wander around Affoltern am Albis, between hills, farms, forests and cultivated fields. And in the city center, several restaurants, hotels and shops will accept your dog without question.


The city of love is also one of the quintessential dog capitals. Keep in mind that to go with your pet to Paris, and be accepted in a hotel or restaurant, the animal must meet certain size and weight requirements.

But if you just want to take a walk through its beautiful streets and bridges with your best friend, you can do it. And also go shopping in the malls! There they allow the entry of four-legged ‘clients’.

Paris is one of the cities with one of the highest rates of dogs per resident. Dogs are allowed, although it is difficult to believe, in the mass of the Church of Santa Rita and in the tourist buses. The cafes and shops are absolutely dog friendly and pet friendly, even one of its most iconic destinations, the Bois de Boulogne park.


Spain is not – yet – one of the countries that most accept dogs on public roads. They are recently allowed on the Madrid and Barcelona subways, and in a handful of shops and hotels. However, the case of Malaga is different, since this sun and beach destination can be ideal to meet with your pet.

At least 12 beaches can enter the dogs, play in the sand and even take a dip in the sea. Both the subway and the bus accept ‘sizable’ pets, and in the city center, you will find several shops where your best friend will be welcomed with open arms.


It is not only the city of bicycles and bridges but also one of the best European destinations to travel with your dog this summer. Pets here are one more member of the family and their entry is allowed in the vast majority of establishments.

For an unforgettable afternoon of games and exercise, we recommend you go to the Flevopark, with lakes where you can splash and swim freely. They will have a great time! Another option is Vondelpark, the most famous park in the Dutch capital, as it has exclusive spaces for pets.

If we prefer a place with many green areas, it is impossible to forget Amsterdam, its canals and cosy streets. It would be a crime not to be able to enjoy them with your pet, right? In this city they can travel for free on all public transport, except on the train, where they also have to buy a ticket. One of the most admirable characteristics is that some parks in the city are Off-Leash, that is, they can walk without a leash.


The Icelandic capital for 60 years banned life with dogs in it and that may be precisely what has made it now one of the capitals with more facilities to travel with your furry. If you like a quiet space and lose yourself in nature, this is your city. The Ellidaárdalur Valley is one of the places that, without fail, you have to visit with your dog.

As you can see, enjoying yourself next to who you want can be easy and safe. Don’t wait any longer and start the new adventure with your best furry friend! We are sure it will appreciate the time spent with you in these magnificent places.

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