Best Meal Delivery Diets for 2020

Almost everyone aspires to lose weight in the New Year. However, eating right is easier said than done. Most people tend to buy more food supplies than they actually need for a single meal. These excess ingredients usually tempt you to serving large portions of food. Besides that, you may not know how to choose healthy ingredients for your meal. For instance, you might choose too much of carbs and animal proteins instead of opting for low carbs, fiber, plant protein and lots of vegetables. But when you subscribe to a meal delivery service, there is a guarantee that you will indulge in a healthy diet.

This is because the ingredients are carefully picked by a nutritional expert. The other advantage is that they spare you from the burden of having to literally shop for the ingredients in different stores. And that’s not all. The meals come ready to eat. Moreover, they deliver the exact servings that you order for. This helps in ensuring that you don’t eat too much of anything. Here is a compilation of the most reputable meal delivery diets that you should try in 2020.

1. Home Chef

Home Chef offers a wide variety of recipes that are not as complex like those found in hotels and restaurants. Theirs are only 13 and they are tailored for people with different dietary needs. If you are interested in shedding off a few pounds, you can order for low calories and gluten free recipes. They are actually a top rated service on DietDynamo, a platform that reviews recipes and meal delivery services. They have an app that allows you to schedule your meal delivery plans at the tap of a button. If something comes up urgently and you have to travel out of town, you can use the app to reorganize your meal plans by skipping until the day you will be back. In addition to that, they give you the option of ordering for cooked or raw food. And even if the ingredients are dropped at your doorstep in the morning, they will still be fresh by the time you return home from work, thanks to the insulated packaging.

2. Freshly

Freshly doesn’t need any introduction because it’s already a household name. With Freshly, you will no longer have to break your back while preparing meals in the kitchen regardless of whether you are alone or you have a few guests in your house. All you have to do is visit their online platform, choose between more than 30 recipes and they will be delivered in a couple of minutes to your home. And you don’t have to stress yourself with cleaning up the dishes after you are done. The meals are delivered in recyclable package that allows you to eat even when on the go. If you want to cook the meals yourself, you can still specify that they deliver the ingredients in one portion.

3. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh offers pocket friendly meals that are directly sourced from farms. Before the recipes are introduced into the market, the meal delivery service provider first tests the ingredients up to 45 times to verify the nutritional benefits. In fact, they offer more than recipes and ingredients. Each meal plan comes with details on the benefits of the nutrients that are found in each ingredient so that you can know what you are getting yourself into when indulging in a particular recipe. Although there is a shipping fee for each meal, the shipping fee reduces with increased frequency of ordering. The other advantage is that they don’t ask you to pay a commitment fee like other service providers. You can also cancel a meal when you are not at home to avoid paying for food that you will not eat.

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