Beating Boredom while Traveling

We love to travel. We love the thrill of seeing a new place for the first time, tasting new foods, learning the history, and exploring the culture. We must, since we have covered over a million miles on six continents on our journeys around the world.

But there is one aspect of traveling that we have to admit we are not exactly thrilled with, the actual process of getting from one place to another. That is because moving ourselves, and all of our stuff, to a new destination almost always involves hours of riding on planes, trains, cars, busses, or boats… and that can get boring.

So what can be done to fill those long hours? How can we pass the time while we make our way to the next exciting adventure?

Well, here are a few ideas that we have come up with over the years:

Play Games

For us, that used to mean playing cards or crosswords or some other old fashioned games. But nowadays we all have a powerful computer right in the palm of our hand so there are endless options for entertainment instantly available. In fact, that phone we all carry around can become one of many exciting no bonus casinos. That means that all of the fun of live slots is available any time with just a touch on the screen.

Of course, many types of other games are waiting to be played on your phone as well, and it is simple to access them now that WiFi is easy to find in almost every airport and station, along with all of those planes, trains, busses, and boats that we mentioned before.


Yes, we know it sounds down right archaic, but reading a book or a magazine is still a great way to pass the time. And with modern technology reading doesn’t always mean a book with paper pages anymore. So for times when WiFi or electricity are not available, a hard copy book is a great thing to have. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten lost in a good book and the next thing I know several hours have flown by.

Watch a Movie

That computer in your pocket that we mentioned before can also become a mini movie theater. Just like with a book, we love getting engulfed in a film, and by the end of the story a couple of hours have disappeared.

Listen to Music

Great songs are another great way to make the hours fly by. If you are anything like us, the right playlist will sweep you away for quite a while. So fire up the tunes and sing away the time… and the miles.

Shop Online

These days we can get almost anything we could ever want right online.  Just choose the appropriate, comfortable clothes you’ll need for your vacation and shop online for it. Why not save a ton of time by getting the shopping done while gallivanting across the globe?

Study a New Language

We usually try to learn at least a few basic words and phrases of the language of the country we are heading to when we visit for the first time. Just knowing how to say hello, or please and thank you can make a big, and positive, difference in how the locals relate to you while shopping or dining out.


It is hard to beat a good nap for passing the time. That’s one reason we usually try to get on a plane or train already tired. Sometimes I’m out cold before the plane even gets off the ground. We call that a “taxi nap.” But no matter when you fall asleep you will wake up closer to your destination with the added bonus of being rested and refreshed.

What could be better?

David & Veronica,

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