Avoid a Road Trip Disaster This Summer

You’re planning on exploring the open road with your friends. You can picture it now — driving down a stretch of highway with the sun beaming through your windshield and the wind whipping through your hair. It’s the perfect vacation. Unfortunately, all of this fun can get ruined by a flat tire or an empty tank of gas in the middle of nowhere. That’s why you should read these simple tips before you hop in the car. They will help you avoid a road trip disaster.

Prepare for Emergency Expenses

You should always have some extra savings set aside in case your vacation plans don’t pan out. You don’t want to deal with an urgent problem like car trouble and have no easy way to pay for it. Before you go on your trip, see if you can save some money for this important purpose. If your savings aren’t enough to cover an urgent expense, you should consider applying for an online loan beforehand. It could come in handy on your trip. Just make sure that the loan is available to your state. Like, if you live in Orlando or Miami, you should look for Florida online loans to get you through this problem. This small step will keep you from wasting your time applying for loans that you can’t get. Remember: loans should be for urgent, unexpected expenses only. You shouldn’t take one out to fund a better hotel room or a shopping spree during your vacation.

Get a Roadside Kit

Your car might take this inopportune moment to break down and force you to pull over on the side of the road. In case this happens, you’ll want to have a roadside emergency kit sitting in your trunk. You can buy them online or at most big-box stores. You should also learn some basic DIY repairs like how to fix a flat tire or how to boost a car battery ahead of time. These lessons could come in handy.

Think about Gas

You don’t want to run out of gas on a long stretch of road. So, you should fill up your car before your trip and watch your gas gauge on your dashboard. If it creeps close to empty, you need to find the nearest gas station. You can even use apps to find cheaper gas stations on your route to save yourself some money.

Prevent Boredom

Is boredom a disaster? It could be. At best, not having anything to do but sit in silence could turn the exciting trip into a painful slog. At worst, you could drift off and lose your focus on the road ahead of you. What can you do to ease the boredom? First, plan breaks. Giving yourself a quick breather from the road will help you feel refreshed. Second, give yourself some entertainment. Download some of the best audiobooks for road trips and fill your phone with different music playlists. These will keep you invigorated and your passengers happy.

Curb Motion Sickness

The last thing that you want to deal with on a road trip is someone getting sick in the back seat. Before you go on the trip, ask all of the passengers whether they are prone to motion sickness or not. If any of them say “yes,” there are a few things that you can do to avoid an unpleasant situation:

    • Have them sit in the front seat — this tends to cause less nausea than the back seat.
    • Bring over-the-counter medications that fight nausea.
    • Bring a box of soda crackers.
    • Pack a cooler with cold water and ginger ale.
    • Stash plastic bags around the car, just in case.

Don’t let these roadblocks get in the way of your vacation. When you prepare ahead of time, you can make sure that you can rush past these problems and get back to having fun.

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