Amtrak Sleeper Car Tour

Your GypsyNesters show you around their sleeper car on Amtrak’s Empire Builder – with their new friend, Isaac!

We’ve covered a lot of ground on Amtrak in the past, but always in coach (click here to see 6’2″ David showing off how comfy coach seating is!), so we were really curious about the set up in the sleeper cars. The ingenious design makes for both riding and sleeping comfort.

When the train isn’t an option, make sure to keep your car in top running condition by following these tips.

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8 thoughts on “Amtrak Sleeper Car Tour”

  1. Thank you for posting your experience! It answered some of the little questions I’ve been wondering about. Happy future travels!

  2. I know you can check baggage, but how much space was there in the roomette itself for carry-on bags. Under the seat? Anywhere else? What dimensions would you recommend for carry-on bags in a roomette? Two adults will be travelling in August for five days total, so how we pack is an issue.

    1. There’s not a lot of room in the compartment for bags, just personal stuff, briefcase, backpack, etc. There is a place for bigger bags outside the compartments that fits any carry on (or a little bigger) then big stuff gets checked into the baggage car.
      Have a good trip!

  3. Do you have to upgrade to the sleeper car everytime? Or was there a way to get a sleeper car rail pass? I’m interested in doing something similar to what you did 🙂

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