All-Inclusive Travel Options

There’s not just one way to travel, even though it’s easy to develop tunnel vision and assume that, if we’re going to travel, we need to budget money separately for things like food and entertainment. We think, “OK, the hotel is one part, then we’ll need money for three meals a day for two people, then we need money alcohol, and don’t forget to leave a tip for service workers, too.” That is a valid way to travel, of course, but many people don’t realize just how many all-inclusive travel options are available to tourists in the year 2018. Instead of paying as we go, we can often pay all at once for almost everything that we’ll need while vacationing. It may not be for everyone, but there are some serious benefits to taking that approach.


Do you dream of going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but have always figured it’s out of your range price-wise? Don’t give so fast on the idea of visiting this resort town’s legendary beaches and experiencing some of the sizzling nightlife. Whether you’re seeking a second honeymoon with your sweetheart or looking for a weekend escape with the girls, you have a way to to make your dream vacation a reality. Arguably the best way to experience Cabo is to look for an all inclusive Cabo experience. Don’t limit yourself to a hotel room, either; there are luxury penthouses and timeshares available for travelers as well. Stand on your balcony and watch the ocean at sunset with your significant other, then go out to dinner and enjoy some Mexican classics. Mexican food in Mexico is different from the version of Mexican food many of us are used to eating in the States. It’s worth expanding your palate as you expand your horizons.

Do you worry about gaining weight on vacation? Don’t let that ruin the experience. You’re here to relax, but if you want to sweat a little, head to a state-of-the-art resort fitness center and work off those margaritas. Before you fly away to Mexico, though, make sure you know exactly what is meant by “all inclusive.” Some resorts will include a gratuity for each day you’re there; others will not. Watch your alcohol consumption as well. Some places may cover beer and wine but leave you on your own for things like mixed drinks.

Cruise ships

A cruise can be a great escape with friends and loved ones. It’s just you, the ocean, and a few hundred of your closest loved ones. Some people love the seclusion, but it’s not for everyone, especially if you’re prone to severe motion sickness. The best all-inclusive cruises will include shore excursions in the price you pay up front. Sure, the ship is great, but most of us want to see more than that. If you want to stay connected while you’re at sea, look for packages that include Internet access as well.

The biggest drawback to all-inclusive packages? Sometimes you may pay for services you won’t use. If you’re a teetotaller, a package that includes unlimited alcohol isn’t going to be very beneficial. In that case, you may be better off paying as you go.

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