5 Reasons You Should Pick the Algarve as Your Wedding Destination

When people think of ideal places to hold a wedding, the Algarve often makes the top of the list, and for a reason. With its miles of beautiful white sandy beaches, awesome food and even more awesome people, no wonder it is so prized as a prime wedding destination. As a matter of fact, there are so many reasons why the Algarve makes for the perfect location for a wedding, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are some of the reasons why the Algarve should be your top pick.

The Weather

One of the most difficult aspects to control when having a wedding abroad, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding, is the weather. Well, the Algarve enjoys over 300 hours of sun every year on average, which gives you about an 80 percent chance that your wedding will be on a sunny day.

Romantic Spots Abound

The Algarve is filled with romantic spots. It’s beautiful beaches, unique caves and coves, ancient castles and solitary lighthouses will give you quasi infinite photo opportunities and possible ceremony locations. With all that romance floating in the air, it is no wonder why so many people choose the Algarve as the perfect place for a proposal.

Tons of Great Affordable Venues

What separates the Algarve from other destinations is the surprising number of low cost high-quality venues. While many popular destinations will gladly gouge prices to take advantage of the influx of people coming in for wedding, you’ll have no issue finding a great venue that suits your needs in the Algarve.

The region truly offers the best of both worlds: a great, exotic and safe destination for you and your guests all at a budget friendly price. And with the number of weddings being held every year in the region, you won’t have issues finding a good wedding planner Algarve if you take the time to do your research.

Lots of Choice

Whether you want to have a religious or civil ceremony, the choices are plenty if you decide to hold your wedding in the Algarve. The bureaucracy makes it easy for expats to get their wedding officiated and the region is filled with beautiful churches as well. There are also tons of great alternative locations to choose from. You could go for a quaint ceremony in a small local villa or a lavish affair at one of the region’s many 5-star resorts if that’s more your speed.

Easy Flights

Flying accommodations play a crucial part when planning a wedding abroad. Since you have to take care of your whole party and make sure that guests will be able to get there easily, a site that offers easy access is a must. Fortunately, the Algarve is easily accessible from pretty much every major city in Europe. With tons of cheap flights, many with flight times of 3 hours or less, your guests should have no issues booking a suitable flight.

The Algarve has tons to offer if you are looking for a cheap, beautiful and romantic spot to tie the knot. So, if you are still on the fence as to which destination to pick, make sure you take a closer look at what the region has to offer before you make your decision.

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